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About my PTA underwhelming performance.

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STEM_JVM #41 Posted 10 July 2018 - 06:58 AM


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View PostAlastor_N, on 08 July 2018 - 03:16 PM, said:

To be honest, grinding most tanks stock is not a happy thing to do. If you got some free xp to spare, better spend them to upgrade your stock tanks to a decent stage.


Back to the PTA, I have never played the PTA before, (still stuck at SP1C, which is not a great tank even when fully upgraded).

But I have heard that there is not much going for that tank besides its penetration and mobility. It just does not fit the current meta in my opinion, you might better off play an Obj430 or a M46 for some usable armor.


I have seen people play the tank as a passive scout, and use bushes to their advantage to deal damage, ended up pretty good, maybe you can give it a shot.


I'm mostly been trying to passive scout as of now....since my gun is not as effective as the top 105.
This gun is the third non-arty gun that makes me want to spam gold....(first one is T-34-85's stock 85mm)
So I'm seriously considering free xp through it.....

Oh and BTW, the LT line now is actually....not quite good, since it is nerfed........
But the MT line is fantastic! Especially VK 30.02D.
If you shoot gold in this tank.....I got to say that I haven't had so easy good game(for me) before.....

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