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For people who want to use the Hong Kong server and get 300+ Ping here is what you do

Hong Kong server Singaproe server HK server SG server Aus/NZ server

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boofy2002 #1 Posted 14 July 2018 - 07:25 PM


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1. Go to Wargaming Support and Contact Support/Submit a ticket

(Heres a link)



2. Write a Message or a sentence about ISP (Or don't It would be nice)


3. Then Write your

Internet Service Provider:

Server that your trying to connect:

Your Public IP address: 

Traceroute Report: (Don't know how to do that? Check below)

Then put it all in a txt file (Maybe make it look nice)



4.Copy the txt document and write it in the message or Attach the txt document with all the data in it


5.Send the Ticket


6. It should be completed quite soon 


7. Done, Play on the HK and NZ/AUS Servers, Have fun


Hopefully this helps and confusion and have fun


How to do the Traceroute

1. Press the Windows Key + R or Time in the computer Search: Run and click on it

2. Type "cmd" into it and Press Ok 

3. Type "tracert wotasia2.login.wargaming.net" or "wotasia2.login.wargaming.net" and press Enter

4. Wait for it to finish (Maybe get a snack)

5. After its done Right click and choose Select all or Click over all of it and Ctrl + C

6. Collect it into a txt file and write all the rest in a text file and after your done Copy and Paste it on a ticket or attach it to a ticket

Ephys #2 Posted 14 July 2018 - 11:20 PM

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Please Refer to this link... 

Also your last post already merged with that link so people can see it too :) 

Ill close this post 

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