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[Casual Tournaments] Crystal Warfare new format

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nev3r #1 Posted 03 September 2018 - 11:58 AM


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Tank Commanders!


As part of our ongoing mission to keep the competitive WoT scene fun and fresh, we've decided to make some significant changes to the format of our regular Crystal Warfare tournament series. Here's what to expect, starting this week!



First off, you may notice that the available range of team sizes has become more focused. The Emerald tournament has been revised from a 5-way fight to the more accessible 2v2 format - just grab one of your best buds and you're all set for a Thursday night tank rampage.



You know that one guy in your project work group who never showed up for meetings or did his share of the work, but still got the same grades as you? In order to improve the overall tournament experience and prevent system abuse, reserves will no longer be allowed in the Emerald and Sapphire tournaments.

Plus, with more gold to go round, the Sapphire and Ruby tournaments will both be able to offer higher prizes for top positions!



We've shortened the registration window to keep the number of last-minute forfeits to a minimum and reduce waiting times. And with registration now closing mere hours before the tournament begins, it’ll be easier than ever before to get your competitive fix on the fly.



  • Emerald will be 2v2 Encounter Bo1 instead of 5v5 Atk/Def Bo3, alternating Tier V and VI (Thursday).
  • Sapphire will keep the 3v3 format, alternating Tier VII and VIII (Friday)
  • Ruby will keep the 7v7 format but only have Tier X (Saturday)
  • King of the Hill will keep the current format (Tuesday and Sunday)
  • Registration will be shorter, starting on Monday for Crystal Warfare and on Tuesday for King of the Hill
  • Registration will end 2 hours before the beginning of the tournament
  • Weekday tournaments on HK server now start at 20:00 UTC+8 (instead of 19:00 UTC+8)


Additionally, we are planning to run some tests in order to have Emerald and Sapphire hosted on ANZ server too. Next week Emerald will be on both servers with a KotH-like schedule, and Sapphire will do the same in two weeks.
We will check participation numbers and comments from our ANZ players and decide if it's worth having dedicated tournaments or not.


Please let us hear your feedback!

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