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[Global Map] Season 10 Announcement & Discussion

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Mobius99 #1 Posted 13 September 2018 - 10:06 PM

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Hi commanders,

The detail rules and settings for Season 10 is now ready and online:




As for the interesting discussion in the teaser thread, I see many old arguments and a few new suggestions. 
Some also suggested if we go back to the more simple version of Global Map and things might improve, which also sounds legit.
While Season 10 is still yet to be launched, but I would like to take closer look to some of the concerns/ideas mentioned in the other thread and/or from different sources.

Alliance System:

The concept for this system, is to allow smaller clans join their forces and resources, and be able to secure their progress on the Global Map in a less disadvantage situation compare to big clans.
Smaller clans might still not be able to challenge big clans, but by joining forces and operate on the less profitable provinces, all clans in the Alliance can still be able to steadily accumulate their gold/VP via successful Alliance actions (e.g. sending and defending convoys, delegate battles and provinces etc.).
Yes, there's the chance that big clans might also form their own Alliance, but with hierarchical structure, whichever the big clans that being the minor power will need to pay tribute to the major power, and eventually they might get much less compare what they can get if they stay on their own or create their own alliance. (for competitive clans)

But same as all the new features, we can't be 100% sure what will happen until we actually try the system. 
Therefore I hope that everyone capable of participating S10 can at least try the system for 1 or 2 weeks, and then share your feedback with us.
By the time when S10 ends, combining the result, statistics, and player feedback, we can further review the system and see if it worth further development or we go find other solutions.

For possible future rule changes within current system (without Alliance system)


1. Division cap / cost / upkeep - it's there but buried deep inside Global Map coding, so it's doable, but needs a bit more work. Personally I don't see anything bad if reintroduce the feature with revised Influence Point system.
2. Province owning cap - technically doable, just that I still don't think it's a proper solution to solve domination issue.
3. Tier VI (or lower) on Global Map -
as before, it was not a good idea given our low player base now, besides, there's Stronghold for clans to practice their basic teamwork strat in tier VI if required.

4. Tier VIII stays or go? - at the moment, Tier VIII competition is relatively healthy and we would like to keep it there until we are ready to let it go.
5. League system - I like this idea but it probably better suits SH or a big scale tournament, not for current Global Map. 
6. Add a sub Tier X front - this sub front can run in 10v10 or 12v12 format, either we can have both tier X fronts joint together or separate them with physical border, but 
technical details still TBD, 
7. High expense in Tier X battles - it's already been discussed for a while and we have prepared something for it, we should be seeing it very soon (

8. Reduce clan capacity - There was a short discussion about this with other regions some time ago, but we believe it might cause huge impact to overall clan activities while no clear benefit to Global Map/Clan Wars.

9. Atk/Def or Encounter mode for Global Map battles - technically available, but battle map variety will reduce due to map design limitation.

For more radical changes


It's still too early to say anything about this, but we (from APAC perspective) are looking at what other choices we have for Clan Wars in APAC if we decide to walk a different path from RU/EU region.

Feel free to drop your questions about S10/Alliance system, possible rule tweaks here.
Or if there's something you asked in the other thread but I didn't address in this post, please also leave them here.

However, please leave CR/D, personal argument or small talk outside of this thread, let's focus on the discussion and keep this thread on target.


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BrutalOlyx #2 Posted 22 September 2018 - 07:54 AM

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I think that once again the rewards spread is too small. A lot of clans will have no chance to reach the top 30, thus no incentive at all to strive to rise up the leaderboard. So a lot of clans will drop out early, or not even compete at all. Surely you could shave some of the bonds earnings for the top placed clans and widen the prize pool so the bottom half of the leaderboard have motivation to compete?


Also, another incentive/option would be personal missions that can be completed when completing on the global map. Based on kills/damage/assist ect, sort of grinding type personal missions that earn camo/bonds. So even if you are getting beaten a lot, have no chance to finish near the top, you still have good incentive to compete, join a clan.


This move will surely increase clan involvement and recruitment. Thus more active players, and likely more premium time and premium tanks sold. Give a little more, get a lot more back. Still a couple days to consider this idea and implement it.

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