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A General Guide to Playing World of Tanks

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Hi. I am The_Twit.

This is my first post, and it will be long. I have made a guide that every player should know so that they can get the best out of the game. No, I am not a unicum or anything like that, I just love this game and it frustrates me when players don't know how to understand things like spotting, or map tactics.


So I hope this clears some things up. Sorry for formatting errors.


Beginner Guide to World of Tanks

Before you start - Invite codes/refer-a-friend

So, you want to get a friend into WoT or start playing the game yourself? Congratulations! Your participation is what develops the grass roots of this game, in order for other players to continue to enjoy one of the most complex and interesting free-to-play games on the market.

But before you create an account, did you know that there are pre-existing rewards available only to new players? These are called invite codes, entering them as you create your account will give you an advantage over your peers starting out. Invite codes are easy to find, if you know where to look.


Enter the following code to receive a special reward:


Upon entering this code, you will receive:

  • A Churchill III, a tier V Soviet Heavy Tank
  • 7 days of premium account time
  • 500 gold


Referring a friend is another way to get rewards before you play the game. Essentially, getting new and absent players to WoT can offer some tantalising rewards, such as the T95E2 tank, a Tier VIII American medium premium tank. More info can be found here: https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/guide/general/recruitment/


The Tutorial

Once you load into the game after launching the client, you will automatically be placed in the game tutorial. The tutorial is a useful, but bare-bones way of figuring out how to play the game on first try.

The Tutorial does:

  • Show you how to shoot,
  • flank,
  • spot,
  • hide, and
  • capture a base

The tutorial DOES NOT show game mechanics like SPGs, 3-5-7 matchmaking, spotting mechanics and Siege Mode.

Completing the tutorial will give you any tank that you used in it, plus 500 gold for completing a tutorial mission. It can also give a token that can be used for a free tier VI vehicle.

You will forget playing the tutorial as fast as it comes.


Basic Game Settings

How your game is displayed can be extremely useful in presenting information for you to digest.

Settings can be found by pressing the ESC key and clicking 'settings'. Here you will find ways to display battle information that will help you become a better player. 

An example of what can be found: 


Make sure you have the essentials:

  • Gun markers with armour penetration indicators
  • Vehicle markers with 'HP left'
  • Fire Direction Indicator switched to 'advanced'
  • Battle Events with every box ticked
  • Most importantly, the battle log which can show the damage dealt, assisted, and blocked.

In the settings you can also choose which game mode you can play, such as 'Assault' and 'Grand Battles'.


The Garage

The garage is centre of all user functions in the game. In the garage, players can buy, sell, and upgrade their tanks that they own. You also have access to other functions such as the Clans and Service Record sections. After exiting the tutorial, this is what your garage would look like:

Going over the basics:

The GARAGE is a home where you can display all of your vehicles. You can filter your vehicles by using the carousel in the bottom-left of the screen.

The STORE & DEPOT is where you go to buy and sell items, such as tank parts, and consumables. You can also buy gold in the in-game store.

The MISSIONS tab will display all active and inactive missions available for completion. As it is implied, you get rewards for completing missions, like premium tanks, credits and consumables.

CAMPAIGNS is a tab dedicated to honing your skill as a player, by forcing you to achieve certain scenarios in battle; finishing campaign missions can reward you with 100% crews, premium tanks, and more. You are only able to access the campaign for tiers VI-X.

The SERVICE RECORD is a place where you can check your individual and tank statistics, and compare yourself to your peers.

The TECH TREE is where you will spend most of your time grinding tanks up a given tech tree. Each nation has its own line of vehicles with unique and differentiating characteristics, so learning how each tank will behave in a game is key to becoming a great player.

The BARRACKS is where you can store all of your crew in and outside of vehicles.

In the Barracks, you are given a default amount of storage, with 16 spaces for expansion. The only way to expand the amount of bunks is to spend gold. The Barracks can also filter and highlight certain crew members. Any crew members of value that are dismissed can be held in the barracks for a limited time, such as 100% commanders with skills. Commanders are the most important crew member to have, purely for the Sixth Sense ability they provide, to tell you when you are spotted. Make it a point of recruiting reward crew members as commanders.

Lastly, the CLANS/STRONGHOLD is where you can find, join, manage and participate with competitive clans in WoT. Clans are 100-strong organisations in the game that fight it out for supremacy over territory and resources. Being in a clan can accelerate your game progress, as some of the benefits include:

  • Reward vehicles
  • Gold
  • Boosters

Clans are very competitive, and play clan wars and advances in certain tiers, namely tiers VI, VIII and X. It is highly likely that joining a clan requires voice communication and a willingness to perform as part of a team, so keep that in mind.


Premium & Gold

In any free-to-play game there is usually a way to accelerate your progress. In World of Tanks, this is Gold, premium tanks and a premium account. Having these benefits any player massively, so use your existing gold wisely. To get these benefits, you can either achieve certain goals in the game, have invite codes and reward codes, or pay for the benefit of using them.

  • Premium Accounts are a way to get more experience and credits with every game you play.
  • Premium Tanks have reduced operating costs and have certain perks to using them, such as no-penalty crew retraining, and limited matchmaking.
  • Gold is a currency that can be used to buy anything, or accelerate training. Combat experience can be converted into free experience on elite vehicles.


Purchasing things is NOT necessary to succeed.


Equipment & Consumables

  • Equipment is a way of boosting your tank's specific statistics, such as reload time and crew skills. These are very expensive to purchase in terms of credits, but can give a competitive advantage over your peers. Some equipment is demountable - there is no penalty for taking them off a tank. Others require a 10 gold demounting cost. Some equipment can be purchased for bonds, which is a third currency you don't need to know about yet.
  • Consumables are items in-game that can benefit you in winning a game. Common consumables are repair kits, fire extinguishers, and food. Do not use large repair kits or first aid kits as a free-to-play account. Large items such as food and automatic fire extinguishers cost 20,000 credits per use, it is highly unlikely that you as a new player would be able to sustain the costs of using large consumables like these. I strongly suggest for a new player, have your consumable loadout to be a small repair kit, small first aid kit, and a manual fire extinguisher (eventually get an automatic extinguisher). Consumables are, like ammo, bound to keys. You can rebind any key to use a consumable in Settings>Controls.


Crew Skills

You must be thinking, "What is the point of having crew members, they don't do anything but die in battle?" Well, crews are also like your tank; they can be upgraded and unlock new skills to make you more competitive. I mentioned before that your commander should always have Sixth Sense: this is a crew skill unique to a commander, that tells you when you're spotted. There are common skills, like Camo and Repairs, which improve your tanks respective stats in those areas, and there are unique skills available to specific crew members; only a commander can recognise when he is spotted, only a loader can prevent ammo-racks, etc.


Crew skills must be trained using battle experience. You get more experience if you win a battle, and even more if you have a 'first win of the day' bonus that applies to every tank. You can only train crew skills if you have a crew member at 100% (or 110% for non-commanders). 

A brand new crew member can be given a default training %.

  • 100% - 200 gold; no loss of skill, no penalty applied.
  • 75% - 20,000 credits; is not fully trained, and will not be able to gain skills until he gains enough xp to reach 100%.
  • 50% - Free; is not fully trained, and requires many battles to get 100% status



A crew member will not automatically default his/her training to 50% all the time - crews can retain a small amount of training as you move up a tech tree. A 100% crew that receives the Regimental School treatment will only have his training set to 80%, instead of 75% for a brand new crew member.


As you move between vehicles up a tech tree, your crew needs to be re-trained for the new vehicle. I would suggest you only 50% retrain your crew until you reach tier IV, where you should retrain your crew to 75%.


Premium tanks require no crew retraining for any crew of the same vehicle class and nation. So if you have a KV-85 crew without a Sixth Sense commander, you can play him in a Churchill III without penalty to get that skill.


Tank Classes

There are five types of tanks in WoT:

  • Heavy - HTs are the big brawlers of the game. They have large amounts of HP, and are generally characterised by large amounts of armour and sizeable damage-dealing guns. They are the frontline warriors.
  • Medium - MTs are the jack-of-all-trades in WoT. They are the most balanced class, being able to snipe, deal damage and flank the enemy to win the battle. Mediums are easy to play, but hard to master.
  • Light - LTs are the eyes and ears of the team. Crucial to victory, they can spot and relay enemy team positions at the start of the battle, or prevent enemies from pushing into open area. Light tanks are notoriously punishing for players without a depth of understanding of the game, but at the same time they are most critical to a team's success.
  • Tank Destroyers - TDs are generally weakly-armoured targets that can deal out large amounts of damage. They tend to sit back from the action and provide fire support to pushes and retreats. Because of their long-range action, TDs typically have higher base penetration than most tanks, but are an effective way to whittle down enemy HP throughout the battle.
  • SPG - Artillery (Arty) is a long-range support cannon that deals splash damage to large groups of enemy from afar. SPGs are useful for digging out entrenched positions and providing a 'stun' mechanic, but have a crucial drawback: SPGs are weakly-armoured, and die in one shot. Smaller maps tend to disadvantage SPGs, as they can be easily spotted from firing.


For a new player, stick to playing in heavy tanks and medium tanks to begin with.


How to Win a Game

An average game in World of Tanks lasts 15 minutes. This can change depending on the game mode, but in random battles all games are 15 minutes. If no base has been captured, or enemy tanks are left alive at time out, the game will be a draw.

Winning a game has several key goals:

  • Kill all the enemy tanks
  • Capture the base
  • Drawing a game (for a moral victory)

There are 3 main game modes: Standard, Assault and Encounter. In Assault, it is the only game mode without a draw function. You must capture the base or lose. Encounter is a similar version of a standard battle, except with a common capture circle to secure.


Winning a game isn't about killing everyone: but how you approach any battle. Look at the enemy team. Watch the map. Is there anyone asking for help? Do you need to push, or fall back? Keeping those principles in mind can make you a better player!


But at the core, to win a game - deal damage and capture the  flag.


Recognise when to capture a base or when to kill the whole team. If you have a general numbers advantage, such as 13-9 over an enemy team, why capture a base when there is experience waiting to be collected?



Part of looking at the enemy team roster is look and see which tanks you can probably penetrate in a shot. In lower tiers, penetration isn't much of an issue, but when you grind your way to tier IV and higher, there will be different tanks that have varying amounts of armour. Now, if you aim most of your shots, you can figure out the weak points of any enemy tank. But there will eventually be a tank you cannot penetrate with your rounds. That is because certain types of ammo perform differently.

Here is the gist of things:

  • AP - Standard ammunition for most tanks, these will penetrate 80% of tanks that you fight IF YOU AIM.
  • HE - High Explosive shells do not need to penetrate armour to cause damage, but when they do, you can get fantastic results. Shooting a person's tracks with HE is a great way to immobilise and cause damage at the same time.
  • APCR - Shells with high velocity, very useful if you are sniping at long range. This is typically a more expensive ammunition.
  • HEAT - A variation of the HE shell, these do not lose any penetration values shooting at long range, they will penetrate regardless of where you aim, but is very expensive to use.

This is a typical loadout for any tank. Note the higher penetration values of the APCR shell, and the corresponding greater cost of shooting it.



Sidescraping is a simple game mechanic that not enough people know about, as it is not taught in the tutorial. Sidescraping is an easy way of reducing damage to your vehicle by angling your armour so that shells fired at you will ricochet away.


Green indicates a shot will penetrate you. As you can see, by increasing the angle that you give to your enemy, you make yourself a smaller target, therefore increasing your chances of survival. Use some common sense - showing any flat side to an enemy will make an easy target.


What to grind?

Now that you have familiarised yourself with the basic concepts around WoT you should be thinking of an endgame. Looking at the tech tree can be quite daunting with the amount of tanks there are to unlock for each nation, but don't get caught up in trying to do as much as you can. Pick 4 or 5 tanks at Tier X that you think are worth your time, and stick with them.

Naturally, if you have enough free xp, you can skip certain tanks you don't like, but in general, here are some worthwhile lines to grind:

  • Obj. 277 (Skip the KV-1S)
  • IS-7 (as above)
  • Obj. 268 v4
  • Obj. 430U
  • M48 Patton
  • T110E3
  • Type 5 Heavy
  • Centurion AX
  • FV4005 (skip the Archer)
  • Progetto 65
  • TVP T50/51 (skip the TVP VTU)
  • Strv 103B

If you have a premium tank, choose a line that you can utilise the crew training bonus of the premium.


That's all for the beginner's guide.



Intermediate Guide to World of Tanks




By linking your Twitch Prime account to your World of Tanks account, you have access to in-game rewards!

These include:

  • Missions for a free Churchill III
  • A free Valentine II
  • 2 days of Premium account time
  • Unique badges and camo
  • 100% 3-skill female crew commander
  • 4 10-day premium rental tanks
  • and more!

If you cannot get Twitch Prime, you must verify your Amazon Prime account with a purchase no less than $1.00. It will take a while to verify. More information can be found at: https://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/general-news/twitch-prime-care-package-alpha/

3-5-7 Matchmaking

As you push past tier IV, you will start to encounter tanks that are two tiers above your own tank, vice versa. This is known as the 3-5-7 matchmaker (MM). The idea behind 3-5-7 is to theoretically organise the mess that was the old MM and give tankers an equal opportunity to perform well in a battle. This wouldn't be a problem if tanks were not buffed every second patch, but that's just how it is. The idea is to reduce the impact of the top tier tanks, by reducing the amount of them on any team - therefore lower-tier tanks should be able to do more, right? 

Well, in practical use top tiers benefit an extreme amount from the huge difference in the calibre of their guns, penetration, armour and armour profiles such that equalisation is not possible. Therefore, as a bottom tier tank, you have to play differently compared to how you would in a top tier tank.


For example, an ISU-152 is a tier VIII Soviet tank destroyer. It has a tier X gun with 750 alpha damage, and a base penetration 260mm. This tank, facing against tier VI's, will likely kill a T-34-85 in one shot.

Therefore, you need to look at the team composition to determine how you should approach a battle.

  • Top tier - you should be the aggressor in any situation. Your advantage in stats should give you confidence to push and flank enemy targets. Being passive, or afk will secure your team's defeat.
  • Middle tier - this is the sweet spot for most tankers, as you are able to perform well in any given situation. Be smart with how you manage your pushes and your HP, as end game tactics are important.
  • Bottom tier - despite the large numbers of the bottom tier tanks, you are usually fodder for the enemy team. Be conservative, and limit the risk of taking damage where possible. Save your HP until you need it, and support your top tier tanks.

Some things to keep in mind: you get more experience for killing tanks of the same tier or higher.


You cannot carry a game if you are dead.



Random Number Generators, or RNG gives you a chance of hitting that snapshot, or missing at point blank range. RNG affects your:

  • Accuracy and Precision (Dispersion)
  • The amount of damage you do
  • The chance of armour penetration


RNG is also present in vehicle modules and crew health. There is always a small chance that a tank will set itself on fire, or explode from a damaged ammunition rack. Typically the way to reduce these instances is to simply make sure your tank is 100% free of module damage. A damaged fuel tank increases the chance of a fire, so it is imperative to a tank's survival to repair all damaged modules.


Tank status: damaged tracks and stun.


Spotting Mechanics

This is extremely relevant to light tank drivers. As standard, you should have:

  • Sixth Sense, Situational Awareness, Recon and Brothers in Arms as skills
  • Camo
  • Camo skill on your crew
  • Equipment such as camo nets, binoculars, coated optics and vents
  • Consumables (optional) such as food.

Being a light tank is a hard thing to do. You have less HP, less armour, and less damage capabilities compared to other tanks. Your main game is to get vision on the enemy, deny them pushes, and stay alive.

One thing not enough people know is Double-bushing. DB'ing is a way to use the soft cover of bushes to your advantage to deal damage without getting spotted

As a light tank, you have a constant camo rating:


This means that an enemy's view range is only ~70% effective on you. Note the second stat: 29.22/6.96 (%). This represents the camo rating when you fire your gun. This is why double bushing is important; if you fire at an enemy in a bush within their view range, you will get spotted.

To limit this, pull back a couple of metres in a bush until you can only see an outline of the enemy tank. You cannot spot them, but they can't see you either:


This way, you can deal damage and stay hidden, which can be useful come the later stages of a battle.


Siege Mode

If you choose to grind the Swedish TD line, they have a mechanic that is unique to their playstyle. Swedish TDs have fixed guns and so normally moving the turret of a TD would make it difficult to play. Siege mode alleviates this problem, by allowing you to have greater accuracy and move the hull of the tank without losing camo values.

In battle, if you have a camo net equipped on your tank, having siege mode enabled will not make you have to redeploy the camo net every time you move.


Siege mode is only available on Swedish TDs at tier VIII and higher. In this picture, my camo rating when stationary is 52%.



The Italian tech tree is one of the newest additions to the game, and with it comes a unique loading mechanism. Usually when you fire an autoloader you have to dump the whole clip before you can reload; with the autoreloader mechanic you can fire your clip, but as you fire the shells automatically start reloading when you are not shooting. The balancing mechanic behind this is as you go deeper into your clip, the longer the reloading time is. Therefore, to make the most of your damage, it pays to pace out your shots, even it you have a target in front of you.


Map Circles

Map circles are a must-have once higher-tier gameplay becomes the norm. They enable you to figure out the view range capabilities of your foes, and allows you to figure out what you can or can't spot or see.

Enable the circles in the settings tab.

On the minimap, it will show up as this:

  • Green circles show your view range
  • White circles show your max view range
  • Yellow circles show your radio range, or the render distance for enemy tanks.


Watching the Map

When playing a game, there will be ebbs and flows. People will push, some will YOLO but most will stay safe and play the long game. Keeping an eye on the map is key to victory, as tanks can be counted to determine the likelihood of a flank being defended well. Pushing a flank is risky, so having prior knowledge is extremely important.

Modifications like XVM can show a marker of all the spotted vehicles on the map, with their last known location. If you don't use mods, there is a way to show this as default in your game:

  1. Settings
  2. Battle Interface
  3. "Enable Expanded Minimap Features"

Next time a battle is played, the minimap will look like this:


When to Push

Most people don't know what to do when it comes to pushing and retreating. Often as a newbie you may get caught out by yourself, so be careful. Recognise momentum changes, as slack players who do not support their teammates can end up costing the game if a push falls to pieces. Keep in mind that some players are new and will need some encouragement to do the team thing. If a player is afk, report him; but be mindful that a push is essentially with one less tank to help win the game, compensate for that.


What Equipment to Use

As credits accumulate from all the battle experience, what to spend it on to make your tank better?

Typically it is up to the player whether they want to take certain equipment, but each equipment has a certain effect on how your tank performs. Some useful one:

  • Coated Optics and Binoculars - Light tanks
  • Ventilation - Any tank with a multiple skill crew
  • Gun Laying Drives - For TDs and MTs
  • Gun Rammer - For fast reload tanks
  • Vertical Stabilisers - For LTs and fast tanks
  • Spall Liners - For HTs, reduces SPG effects 
  • Camo Net - For TDs and Light tanks


Your Service Record & Hall of Fame

The Service Record tab in the Garage will show all of the stats you could possibly want - most played tank, average damage per battle, maximum experience in a battle, everything! The Hall of Fame is an extension of this (currently in Beta) and allows people to compare their statistics to the rest.

This is my HoF record for the tanks I play (SPG for the missions :) ).


You can also view stats for the past time period and the general leader board for every statistic:

This is an easy way to view statistics without having to leave the game.


This it for the Intermediate Guide. My fingers are hurting.



Advanced Guide to World of Tanks

Given that you have made it this far, congratulations! This is the final step in becoming a good amazing player.


Grand Battles

Grand battles are a Tier X only, 30 v 30 on large maps that promise large amounts of rewards for good players. Why? Killing tanks lower than your own tier gives less experience, therefore killing more tanks at your tier gives more opportunities to get large amounts of experience and credits. Grand battles occur randomly, and must be enabled in the settings.


Ranked Battles 

Ranked battles are a way of battling out your skills at Tier X with like-minded individuals to earn rewards and have the bragging rights over the competition. Rewards include special camos, bonds, badges and gold. But beware - Ranked is a notoriously frustrating game mode as it promotes selfishness over teamwork. Hence, to remain competitive, players will usually spend large amounts of money on the best equipment, consumables, and ammunition that they can afford. Generally speaking, you will not make a profit in Ranked battles without a premium account.

Ranked battles are played in seasons. The most recent season was Season 2, which ended earlier this year.


Training Rooms

Training Rooms is a way to practice, learn and strategize on WoT maps. Friends can be invited to help each other in training for things like Clan wars and random battles. Think of Training Rooms as a sandbox mode to explore and mess around with.

OP Tanks 

Overpowered tanks are normal to see competitive and random gameplay. These are usually premium tanks these days, giving people with money a distinct advantage over the rest or your peers. Some OP tanks have been removed from the game, or are not going to sold again any time soon.


  • Super Conqueror
  • Obj. 268 v4 (before nerf)
  • Obj. 252U Defender
  • E25

Bad Tanks


  • Churchill GC
  • IS-4
  • Indien-Panzer
  • AMX 65t
  • 40TP Habicha



Statpadders are people who for whatever reason, can't seem to compete at higher tiers likely due to a lack of skill, but in turn try and terrorize the lower tier tankers to improve their statistics at face-value.

Typical tanks used by Statpadders, who usually play thousands of games in these tanks include:

  • T67
  • Pz. IV H
  • Pz. I C
  • Pz. S35
  • T-28 (and the F-30)
  • AMX elc bis (before nerf)
  • T56 GMC
  • Cruiser II
  • AMX 38
  • Ikv 72
  • Pz. II J


An example of a statpadder (redacted):




People may choose to re-roll their account, in which you start fresh with your premium tanks, but this time with the knowledge of how to play the game. Usually people do this to boost their stats to get into clans, or purely for the satisfaction of it. A lot of the time players learn is in their first 10k battles, and those statistics can be a pain to keep around.


Marks of Excellence

Marks of Excellence are a way of proving yourself to better than the player population in a given tank. Marks of excellence can be found in tank statistics, by right clicking on your tank.

Bringing up MoE will show how good you are compared to the rest of the server population.

  • 1 mark - better than 65% of all players in the tank
  • 2 marks - better than 85%
  • 3 marks - better than 95%

This is an example of a mark of excellence. You can raise your MoE by doing a certain amount of damage per battle, or have a certain combined score at the end of the game.


Community Contributor Program

Some players may have early access to unique tanks before release to the public; these are typically premium tanks. Players like these are Community Contributors, and they are rewarded for making content about World of Tanks and serve as a way to promote the game to the wider public. CC's can be streamers, YouTubers, or just ordinary tankers, but they play an important part in connecting the player base to the Wargaming Staff. 

Wargaming holds positions open every year to encourage new people to become CC's and it is a way to improve your standing amongst your peers.


Supertest/Common Test server

The supertest server is an early access to unreleased tanks or vehicles that are still in development. Some vehicles never make it out of the supertest, some do. When that happens, they are released to the Common Test server. The CT server is open to the public at certain hours, when an update needs to be tested by the wider community. Update 1.0 was in the CT server before being released.

To download the CT launcher, Wargaming will release a new letter containing the download instructions.



Other Sites 

Other sites offer unique services to the dedicated player and can give you an advantage in the game. Such sites include:

  • Stratsketch - map drawing and strategy
  • Tanks.gg - tank statistics and armour profiles, player statistics
  • WotLabs - player statistics
  • vBAddict - for game metadata
  • WoT Replays - game reviewing


Content Creators

People to learn from and find out:

  • Taugrim | Road to Unicum guides.
  • Alphaz | Unicum and Why narrated battle guides.
  • TRU_voodoo | Simple explanations on how the game is played.
  • 4TankersAndDog | Scout guides, map overviews and tank experiments.
  • Skill4ltu | MoE player.
  • Quickybaby | Tech Tree showcases.
  • LemmingRush | Simple and easy to understand battle commentary, live gameplay.
  • Xaneleon the Mountain Goat | Map meta, climbing maps for clan wars.
  • The_Chieftain | Tank history nut, Inside the Chieftain's Hatch.


Going Blue

When a player turns blue in a game, this is due to repeated friendly-fire on allies. Usually players turn blue after 3 shots and face the auto-ban system (if users have not reported the player already). Repeated incidents such as these can result in serious penalties, such as a temporary ban and subtracted rewards from battles. 


Discord Servers

World of Tanks has a Discord server for every region, as well as community contributors. Connecting to Discord is a way to get instant access to Wargaming staff and moderators, that can help you with whatever questions that come up. Discord servers allow the use of public mics, so finding a Platoon partner is much easier to do. For example, I asked JayRated how he liked this guide. He said he liked it very much.



Depending on who you ask, XVM is a bane on the WoT community or a godsend modification to the game. XVM stands for Extended Visualisation Modification and it is a way of changing information that is presented to you in battle and in the garage. XVM has several functions:

  • Simplifying the garage
  • Adding map visualisation tools
  • Displaying player stats. XVM is what has coined the terms 'tomato' and a 'unicum

XVM's use is largely frowned upon in WoT circles, mainly due to its part in removing a random element out of the game. Players are less likely to try and win if they feel that their team is inadequate. Players can utilise XVM to shame players based on their stats. This has lead to the bad reputation surrounding XVM's use.



Some players can download mods here https://wgmods.net/?utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wot-portal.

Mods can do anything to WoT ranging from as little as sound effects to a whole user interface change. Some mods are based on XVM.


This should complete the Misc. section.


Thanks for reading, this is my first post so yeah.


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Great guide, but this really belongs in the New Players section. For stat padders another two favourite tanks are the Pz 38 nA and M5A1 Stuart.


QuickyBaby really isn't someone a new player should learn from, but you can add Zeven to that list as he does very good analytical reviews of replays.


2nd MoE: A15 Crusader, AMX 12t, KV-85, M6 Heavy, M10 Wolverine, M24 Chaffee, SU-85, T-34, T-50, T1 Heavy, VK 16.02 Leopard

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So who should learn from QuickBaby?

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View PostAoyama_Blue_Mountain, on 28 October 2018 - 03:35 PM, said:

So who should learn from QuickBaby?


I just figured that being the most popular EU streamer he might have something going for him. Noob-friendly content, but not the sort of thing you want to look for trying to be a unicum.

Aoyama_Blue_Mountain #5 Posted 28 October 2018 - 03:54 PM

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View PostThe_Twit, on 28 October 2018 - 02:54 PM, said:


Statpadders are people who for whatever reason, can't seem to compete at higher tiers likely due to a lack of skill, but in turn try and terrorize the lower tier tankers to improve their statistics at face-value.

Typical tanks used by Statpadders, who usually play thousands of games in these tanks include:

  • T67
  • Pz. IV H
  • Pz. I C
  • Pz. S35
  • T-28 (and the F-30)
  • AMX elc bis (before nerf)
  • T56 GMC
  • Cruiser II
  • AMX 38
  • Ikv 72
  • Pz. II J


An example of a statpadder (redacted):



To be fair, somebody who is getting 57% - 60% WR in tier 5 will not fare too badly in higher tiers. If you look at his IS-6 his net contribution to the team is still positive (>50%)


Statpadding only become an issue when he starts throwing his numbers around, or when people decide to throw his numbers around.

_SukiKirai_ #6 Posted 28 October 2018 - 06:21 PM

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Nice effort , if the WoT Asia can make a easy to read document that will appear before the garage for a new player every time he log in until he reach 1000 battles .That might go a long way to cultivate a more skilled new player base .



xXRainbowAssassinx #7 Posted 28 October 2018 - 08:58 PM

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This is a good first post and will help new players well. One thing though I beg to differ on the Super Conqueror being an OP tank. It's very good in certain positions but it's well balanced by terrible mobility, weak hull armour and terrible module damage. 


I would also take Quickybaby off the list. I don't agree with a lot of what he says about tank balance & one of his videos really spread a lot of misinformation about marks of excellence and how people get them, making 3 moe'd players look bad. Not good information to be spreading to new players IMHO. 

Aoyama_Blue_Mountain #8 Posted 28 October 2018 - 11:29 PM

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Maybe if WG fixes MoE by multiplying the damage per game with spots per game.

Twit_ #9 Posted 28 October 2018 - 11:53 PM


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View PostAoyama_Blue_Mountain, on 28 October 2018 - 03:54 PM, said:


To be fair, somebody who is getting 57% - 60% WR in tier 5 will not fare too badly in higher tiers. If you look at his IS-6 his net contribution to the team is still positive (>50%)


Statpadding only become an issue when he starts throwing his numbers around, or when people decide to throw his numbers around.


Same guy.


pokeranger24 #10 Posted 29 October 2018 - 12:25 AM

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View PostThe_Twit, on 28 October 2018 - 11:53 PM, said:


Same guy.



I can see why he need to "pad" his stats


gotta say he has the tenacity to play WoT

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FramFramson #11 Posted 29 October 2018 - 02:49 AM


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1000 battles in the T92 HMC?!


LT-playing masochist. It's too much fun to be a mosquito.

mttspiii #12 Posted 29 October 2018 - 07:50 AM


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View PostFramFramson, on 29 October 2018 - 02:49 AM, said:

1000 battles in the T92 HMC?!



Yeah, the M53/55 is miles better.

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FramFramson #13 Posted 29 October 2018 - 10:51 AM


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View Postmttspiii, on 28 October 2018 - 06:50 PM, said:


Yeah, the M53/55 is miles better.


Unironically agree.


I ragesold my T92 after 10 games; that's why I'm slogging out the CGC grind now.

Edited by FramFramson, 29 October 2018 - 10:52 AM.

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Thomark #14 Posted 30 October 2018 - 02:42 PM


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I cant believe you haven't included probably the most important piece of equipment available; The 'Vertical Stabilizer'. It should basically be placed on every medium, heavy and most lights if available (not all tanks can equip it).


When in doubt I look at vbaddict.net to check the commonly used equipment to get a good starting point.


e.g. I know the Skoda t50 cant use a Gun Rammer because it is an autoloader and I am not sure what 3rd equipment to use... so I might look at the following website (look at equipment tab):



When in doubt; use Gun Rammer, Coated Optics and Vertical Stabilizers

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Twit_ #15 Posted 30 October 2018 - 03:16 PM


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View PostThomark, on 30 October 2018 - 02:42 PM, said:



I cant believe you haven't included probably the most important piece of equipment available; The 'Vertical Stabilizer'. It should basically be placed on every medium, heavy and most lights if available (not all tanks can equip it).



True, must've forgotten to put in somewhere. 




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