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OP Soviet of the Month - IS-3A


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Quasinerdo #201 Posted 13 January 2019 - 03:44 PM

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View PostBrutalOlyx, on 18 December 2018 - 01:33 PM, said:


Not everyone that plays this tanks has a great crew, runs food and buys equipment with bonds.


In any case, that still does not solve your mobility problem does it? You can win your local area but cant gain map control for your team. On many maps you are too slow to flex to solve problems on other parts of the map, too slow to close a game out at the end in a 2vs2 situation. Find yourself limited to parts of the map where you are arty safe, because you know you will be an arty magnet and too sluggish to evade.


The reason you are averaging 2.6k damage, with a 48% winrate is because of the above problems. I bet there are many other tank you play that you do less damage, but enjoy playing more, win more in, do more combined damage when you factor in spotting assist ect...


This tank is a strong tank, particularly in favorable situations and the the hand of a skilled player like you. But there are weaknesses in this tank that strip some of the fun and power from it, no-one else was pointing that out


I just fell out of my chair. That was a cogent, rational post putting unbiased and insightful comments on the table. Of course most of it is beyond the scope of this tanks stats and behaviour and how they balance with comparative vehicles (I'd say tech tree as numerous premiums are OP and therefore not ideal) and I haven't played it enough to say what it's really like from the drivers side but I tend more toward "unbalanced" as has been the ongoing T8 premium trend.

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FramFramson #202 Posted 13 January 2019 - 04:15 PM


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What's the global WR% for the IS3A at the moment?

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