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Big yikes for LIFE er.. MYTH


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View PostJT___XXXL, on 25 December 2018 - 10:29 PM, said:

User: [Redacted]Channel: #noticeboard [#noticeboard]

Around 20 players that will play under [Redacted], will join CROWN just for the Campaign. [Redacted] are gonna join to confirm G badges and relieve stress, as CWE's are extremely stressful for the both of us. The rest of you will still be able to play in MYTH, under [Redacted]can do chips under an alt account, Top player and other callers will be here as well, and [Redacted] will bring some friends to fill in the open slots for the CWE. This will put MYTH in likely 4th or higher position in the CWE, instead of competing for first. Although this means we can guarantee tanks for everyone as the clans rank isn't as important and we want everyone to get a tank. Thank you for understanding, feel free to PM. The players who will be offered to go will be PM'd in the next 3 hours unless I fall asleep.




Imagine being a [Redacted] and abandoning your clan with your best players and best callers for personal gain during the most important time to be around because its stressful. I honestly feel bad for the "leftovers" in MYTH during the campaign. I guess some peoples ego's are so big that they can't handle to not place top 2 without having a breakdown and threatening to sell their own clan. A great christmas gift from [Redacted]to clan, nothing on earth is quite so wonderful. Time for discord lockdown round 2 just like last time. :popcorn:




Naming and shaming of individuals or clan positions that identify individuals is not permitted in CRD.




That post almost read like CIA black op mission with all the "redacting"....lol


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