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Clan, me, looking for, new.


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Minion__ #1 Posted 08 January 2019 - 02:58 AM

    Guff Shill

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I'm a baddie, I know. But I like tooning. And I miss the coop aspect of Tank Companies, and it's been a wee while since I've played as part of SHs. Heck, I've even enjoyed my experiences of non Tier X CWs. 


I had a hiatus of a year or so, but I've decided to give this game another go. I'm happy with solo pubbing, but... I miss the banter and team play which is part and parcel of  Teamspeak/Discord etc, and   being part of a toon or a team. So, I'm looking for a new clan. If you need an extra bod to hang around in your Discord channel, take part in toons and SH battles, or to die a glorious death in non Tier X CWs (is Tier VIII CWs still a thing?) I'm your semi obedient cyclops. Tier VII-IX.



  • I'm a team player. If I'm in a called battle, I'll attempt to do what's suggested. On occasion, I may succeed.
  • I've got Tier VIII tonks (I've got a couple of IXs, but no Xs)
  • I like my MTs. Occasionally I do well in them. Occasionally the physics engine thinks I need to chill out on my side or upside down
  • I don't stat pad. Only really playing Tiers VII-IX at the mo. I had fun with my Matilda, Fury, and Hellcat, but nah.
  • Have been known to periodically flex successfully. 


  • I rarely play sober. Because, reasons. I blame the government. And Ezz.
  • I'm bad@tonks, meh@lyfe, and long of tooth. To put it bluntly, I'm an old fart.
  • I'm a grumpy old fart with standards. I've left clans before because some members seem to unable to deal with the multicultural aspect of the server pop. Happy to discuss in DM or on Discord.
  • I can play a couple of nights a week, and that's it. I work some nights, and I've got spawn that I hang out with occasionally. 
  • I only really want to play on the ANZ server. Because, ping.
  • I'm a nutter. Not certified, but I'm pretty sure that's just a technicality.
  • I talk too much. And given I've been typing for the last 35 years, I write too much as well.
  • I hate disco with a hate which is almost visceral. And polka. I so hate polka.



 "Bad@tonks, meh@lyfe, long of tooth"

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