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Crew retraining reworked


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Do you think a somewhat similar retraining system to that used in WoWs should be adopted for WoT?

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SASChaingun #1 Posted 11 January 2019 - 06:18 PM


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I really like the system that WoWs uses for captain retraining and I think a similar system would work well in WoT. I think that you should be able to retrain crew members into other vehicles for free, but they will have a penalty put on them. This penalty would make perks inactive on the crew member and skills work at 50% efficiency. To remove the penalty you would need to earn a certain amount of crew xp for that crew member, in addition to this you could also speed up the retraining by paying a certain amount of credits, this would reduce the amount of crew xp needed by half (or 75% or something), you could also skip the retraining process altogether with gold (basically a similar system to the one used for training a new crew). I also think you should be able to change the nation that a crew member is assigned to, with this additional retraining xp costs, credit costs and gold costs could be added (for the penalty progress, penalty speed up cost, and penalty skip cost). If this is seen as to game breaking you could make it so the crew member is reset to the way they where when you received them (i.e. no skills unless they came with BiA or something), if that's too harsh maybe they lose half of the progress for each of their skills so you have to get the other half of the crew xp for those skills again - I imagine that you would go through one at a time getting them back to 100%, but you might also be able to select one you want to work on first. 


If none of these ideas are suitable a very welcome change would be a way to change the nation of special crew members (such as the ones from events), not with all these fancy ideas but using the current in-game system - retaining the skills and perks aren't really a problem the way I see it, but there is currently no way to move these unique crew members between nations and due to them being unique you can't just obtain more of them if you want them in another vehicle.

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