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New Crew skill and Smoke screen system

Crew skill New Mechanics

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Aquilus_E453 #1 Posted 25 January 2019 - 12:48 AM


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Since the new temporary debuff system was added in to the game called the "Stun" what if we add a new skill for this one to partially decrease the stun duration and protect the crew from this type of debuff.


"Concentration"- this skill will decrease the stun duration per % of the crew progress on skill (lets not make it boring) it'll also improve at a very small rate of every crews qualification or increase the gunners accuracy at a very small rate.(subject for change)


First Aid- (this one was on the thread already and seems pretty interesting) this will allow one crew to have this type of skill, it will decrease the cooldown of the consumables such as small Med kit and Large Med Kit up to at least 20%  the skill will only be active once it is 100% not cumulative with other crew with the same skill (subject for change)


(Smoke Screen mechanics)


We are aware that the future release of the wheeled tanks will change the whole game into a fast phase game so I would like to suggest the smoke screen shells for both artillery and regular tanks, smoke screen generators that will at least last for a minimum of 12 seconds to maximum 20 seconds for artillery. Tank within the smoked areas will be disappeared in at least 2 seconds delay after the smoke is popped. this will allow your tank or your team to relocate and take cover for at least a time with luck if the enemy isnt blind shooting. This mechanism will also serve as an offensive strategy on pushing flanks blinding enemies in front in order to make a quick decision on pushing forward. (subject for change) 


this Thread is all are a suggestion that is in my mind if you are here to put any suggestion or any reaction feel free to let me know in the comments.. 

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DEADMEAT82 #2 Posted 06 May 2019 - 02:53 AM


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I must say...those two skill is abit far fetched. Probably be my fifth or sixth skill.

the Smoke shell idea has been around, and would be good addition, in fact if they add incendiary shells for burning bushs or just setting tank on fire without much damage acting as spotting tools it would be great.

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