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No-SPG mode option please

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Cesare777 #21 Posted 06 May 2019 - 12:40 PM


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View Postsoutherner, on 10 February 2019 - 10:03 AM, said:

I used to think like you about arty OP. Then after 5 years of gaming. I got my own arty courtesy of a free French arty  in the christmas boxes this year. So I played it and was pleasantly surprised, with friends urging I got and fully research the S 51. Its an awesome spg. The big thing is it showed me which maps are arty friendly and which maps are not (its more maps that are arty unfriendly than you would think). Showed me how experienced players make use of map obstacles and contores.

You are wondering why you are picked on bt arty ? Probably because you are one of the few tanks that they can hit.


My advise to you is to play arty and figure out safe parts of the map from arty, and their are plenty. Try it, it adds a completely new dimension to the game. Soon you will be making educated risks by asking your self "is it worth the risk from arty if I go to x part of the map".


+1 Yes all that you have written here.

I wanted to know "How" these pesky Arties were getting hits on me in "cover" .

Well I found out, this game is all about vision and eyes.

If you get spotted , then there is a chance that any tank with a clear shot or any arty actually watching the map will hit you.



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