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How many Frontline points are needed to finish one prestige?

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Vindictus_Maximus #41 Posted 17 February 2019 - 08:52 AM


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It took me 49 games to get to prestige1. I was playing the Lor40t, IS3, T44, B-C12t focused mainly on training my crew and getting combat XP for the latter tech tree tanks, and hopefully making a little money, so was not running food for most of the games and mainly shooting standard ammo.


If you want to rush through the prestige, I recommend shooting full premium rounds and running food. I have missed out on major/general by a close shave on many occasions due to bouncing shots with standard rounds, so being frugal like that will cost you a lot of rank points. With cap resets, you NEED to hit and AP will more likely let you down.


Damage assist counts for A LOT too, iI have determined that cost of running food will be offset by the money made from assist damage, and the overall superior performance. When I started running food for about the last 15 games I played, my ratio of captain/major/general was dramatically increased. It is not just damage assist, you really need to spot your own damage too - I once did about 3.5k damage in my IS3 sniping, and was still a private.


So the trade off is clear. If you want to grind tech tree tanks and make maximum money, you will pay the price on suffering a much longer grind to prestige ranks.    


And the Progetto is superior to the T-44

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LightningMan #42 Posted 17 February 2019 - 10:56 AM


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I just run premiums with full standard ammo and small repair/med kits and auto fire extinguisher. Full standard ammo seems to work really well and I don't have an issue penetrating most tanks from the front, except for bloody Defenders!

The best way to get General rank is farm cap/defense points. Spotting while doing damage helps a lot too as your team is doing half the work for you.

I'm only playing for the bonds/credits and the 2 tanks (Emil + tier 9). I've made $20mil so far and I've only prestiged once. That was about 3hrs playtime per day over the week.


3 MoE: Chaffee, WZ131, WZ132, T54 mod.1, Type59, T54ltwt, WZ132A, E50, M46 Patton, Obj430 II, Conqueror, Obj257, Obj907, T62A, Obj140, Obj 430U, M48 Patton, E50M, Centurion AX

Dieselnuts #43 Posted 17 February 2019 - 02:31 PM


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5:30 on a sunday arvo and no ones playing FL on the AUS server?


I'm still only lvl 17 :(

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