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Industrial Resource for Frontline Battles

clans frontline industrial resource stronghold

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pr154 #1 Posted 18 February 2019 - 08:10 AM


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Playing Ranked Battles and Tier X tanks in Random Battles earns 10 Industrial Resource per battle (15 if you're in a platoon of Clan Members). Could Frontlines be adjusted to produce a discrete amount of Industrial Resource to make this mode better for clans?


REIGN experienced a significant dropoff in clan activities (i.e. Skirmish / Advances) during Episode 1 of Frontlines as the broader attention of our members and the community turned to grinding through prestige levels and enjoying the personal income injection that goes with this mode. I'm curious to know how other clans fared, and whether clan officers were successful (or could be bothered) raising Stronghold detachments during the episode.


While the opportunities are obviously there for clan members to stay connected by platooning together in Frontline mode, it is our experience that the mode is great for personal gain but not very good for clans. 

tekno #2 Posted 18 February 2019 - 02:45 PM

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zero advances played here in NZAD during FL....and after some "rapidmaths" ™ we binned skirms a loooong time ago....250 resources for a tier8 win=2billion wins to upgrade the stronghold...makes grinding a line from start to finish look good...

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