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Let's talk about Tanks.

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SimonGhostRiley_TF141 #1 Posted 20 March 2019 - 05:15 PM


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Well to be fair, World of Tanks still have a lot of tanks that WG didn't implement into the game yet.
Oh, and I think this might be the first High-Tier British LT.

This is the British A46 Light Tank Prototype, well it looks like Tetrarch but it isn't.
It has an improved 77mm High-Velocity Cannon from Comet (Longer barrel), the gun elevation and depression is +20/-12.

According to the project, it was intended to install a 207hp General Motors 6-71M Diesel Engine, but 2 more engines was also put into the test, there are 350hp Rover Meteorite Mk.204 18.0L Petrol V8 Engine
and...a 1000+hp Supercharged Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 engine that used on Spitfire and Hurricane Fighter aircrafts.

The top speed is rather disappointing though, only 46km/h, but the protection is rather good for LT. 76/50/25 for the hull and 75/50/40 for the turret.

Sources: http://www.tanks-enc...a46-light-tank/

Let me know what you think about the others, and be sure to share other tanks project if you would like to.





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