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Note to sZniPeR

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HellsB3lls #1 Posted 15 April 2019 - 12:46 AM


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Hey sZniPeR, I have to put this in an open post as I still don't have 10 DMs, which would allow me to Send/Reply via messages. I have 8 as of now.


I just realized that I've been on the wrong Forum server. Apparently this is on the Asia server and all of my games have been on the NA server. Somehow, when I first searched for, and bookmarked WoT Forum, I got sent to the Asia server and I've been following that link the entire time. I just realized this morning that something was fishy when I noticed that my profile here is showing "0 Battles". Here's a link to my stats on the NA server:



I noticed today also that your stats are on the Asia server. That solves the mystery of why I couldn't find your player id when I'd search for you to add as a friend when I'm in-game. So, I'm wondering how we're going to be able to platoon for the Referral program? I'm willing to play on the Asia server, if that's possible, but I assume that I'll be back to square-one with only Tier 1 tanks. I could buy a premium tank I suppose to play at a higher tier. I'm not sure if that would somehow be a violation of WoT rules, to be playing on two different servers, and I wouldn't do that if it would be.


If you could shoot me two more DMs, that should get me over the required 10 DMs to be able to Send/Reply messages and we can take this discussion offline. Thanks for your patience!


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