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Type 64 Matchmaking, etc.

Type 64

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TallTomThailand #1 Posted 15 April 2019 - 12:52 PM


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I picked up the Type 64 to help train my crew since I found a tank I like and don't have any ladies working in that country. ;-)

So far I've played 40 games and the matchmaking has been like this:

Tier VII+VI = 30         Tier VI = 10        Tier VI+V = 0

And yes, I've kept track since I realized that the first 5 games were all bottom tier. My first question is, is this normal?


Secondly, it's my experience so far that this tank seems to be very situational. You can't isolate and destroy tanks half so well as the M5A1 if you survive to mid-game and you certainly can't go head to head with most tanks you meet. This makes me want to play the tank conservatively, yet in so many tier VI-VII matches there are only two LTs per team. If you don't put yourself out there to spot, you (perhaps rightfully) get harassed and put your team at a disadvantage because they can't see anything. However, if you do go out and spot and get countered, you're done. Not to mention the scores of times you spot successfully only to watch the tank drive across the open with nobody on your team bothering or positioned to shoot at it.

I am, of course, venting a bit here, and will continue playing the tank in the hope that I get better at playing it, but I can't say that my first 40 games in this premium tank have been enjoyable. At this moment, I feel like without a platoon or at least teammates you can trust, it's a very steep learning curve having to play higher tiers 75% of the time, and thus far it's been very inconsistent for me.


Does anyone have any advice for how they play the tank? I know that youtube has videos of people getting XXXX damage and XX kills, yadda yadda, but I'd really just like a bit of insight from somebody who may have felt the same as I do, and have found a way out of it.


Ezz #2 Posted 15 April 2019 - 01:05 PM

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Situational yes, as with all light tanks, but you really should be shitting on any other tier 6 lights you meet. The 64 abilities hail from prior to the light re jig. It basically exchanges a little mobility for significantly better gun and view range.


As to the MM, yeah, pretty standard. The new templates ease some of the +/-2 pain but you'll still end up being bottom tier a lot. Tier 7s get a slightly better run imo, but that doesn't really help your 64 i guess. Stick with it tho, with a nice crew it's one of the best lights tier for tier in the game.

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Puggsley #3 Posted 15 April 2019 - 01:40 PM


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You will always suffer in T6 because of the number of games played at any given tier. 


There are very few tier 4 and 5 games. Researching tier 5 and 6 tanks does not take that long so people tend to move on pretty quickly. There are a lot more T7 and T8 games which means its much more likely to be a T7 or T8 game.


Generally most games played are T8, then T9 and then TX. T7 comes next with T6, T5... following.


This is generally because of the length of time to grind T9 and TX tanks, plus the huge number of T8 premiums. People playing end game tier also makes it popular.


For a T6 tank, same tier games are about as good as it gets on most occasions. Very rarely will you get -1 MM.


Just think about that fabulous XP bonus you get for higher tier damage and spotting. :)  


I'm not the best in it but my thoughts are you are a thinly armoured scout so spotting is always going to be a big part of your game. Vision up and you will reap a lot of benefit, especially as T6 is where vision saturation from all tanks is still not a thing.


The low damage means harassing distracted enemies is a good source of damage. Lots of people hardly notice that 85 damage chipping away if they are engaged in fighting one of your allies. Find a distracted enemy, keep shooting him until he starts to turn at you then bugger off and find someone else.


I carry a fair bit of gold ammo, a lot of shooting takes place at longer range in the early game and it helps with aiming and penning.


Don't 1 on 1 any enemy who is at moderate distance or beyond, and only those you know are not supported at close range.


It is a fun tank to play, and will teach you a lot of good scouting habits. You will get punished if you try to ridge surf and don't do it exactly right.

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CardinalMite #4 Posted 15 April 2019 - 02:02 PM


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With the right crew & equipment, tracked Light tanks in general are arguably the least affected class by being bottom tier in the game.


There are so many ways to buff view range and camo, plus the on the move full camo advantage of LTs, plus great mobility. None of that goes away just by being bottom tier.


It isn't like being top tier makes your armour work (couple of notable exceptions aside) and you are all, "oh noes I am bottom tier I will get penned now!"


Sure you have to be a bit more careful with higher tier LTs about, but since so many LT drivers are so bad at playing them, (with tiny health pools and no armour) they often die early. When that happens you can be a bit more aggressive and really abuse your camo and spotting  advantage over relatively blind heavies.

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TheVeryBestTanks #5 Posted 16 April 2019 - 11:24 AM


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View PostCardinalMite, on 15 April 2019 - 02:02 PM, said:

Sure you have to be a bit more careful with higher tier LTs about, but since so many LT drivers are so bad at playing them, (with tiny health pools and no armour) they often die early. When that happens you can be a bit more aggressive and really abuse your camo and spotting  advantage over relatively blind heavies.


The strategy in Type 64 in general, not only in bottom tier games should be to stay alive for as long as possible. Don't stop farming damage on it during the game of course but the longer you stay alive the more useful you'll be. Farming lonely tanks with low health is super fun in the end game, you just need to get there first :)



Most of the things I say I say after not sleeping for 20 plus hours, please bear that in mind. However, sometimes it really do be like that sometimes.

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