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New game mode - Tier Reward

tier game mode

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KomradeWombat #1 Posted 20 June 2019 - 10:09 PM


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I've been mulling over a potential game mode that would achieve the following as an adjunct to the standard Random Battle games. In short I wanted a mode that would achieve the following...

* Much Less player stress over actually winning 
* More variety in battles 

* Minimal work for WG game developers to introduce this

* Increase fun factor

* Increase rewards

* Still maintain incentives to do well without the stress of one being on the losing side


Rough out is as follows. Introduce standard 15 v 15 type random battle but with a six tier spread. But how to introduce such a wide range of armour without the low end armour being a waste of time and emotion? But first, why? Games with a six tier spread could offer some interesting variety, fun and twists if only the very very obvious down sides could be completely compensated for.  So I'll deal with them first.


First up, make a player's win/loss ratio not effected by this game mode. XP and rewards still count but no record on win-loss ratio; but how to distribute XP? Let me explain. For this mode each Tier is broken up to the following 

{a}Hvy {b}Arty {c}med/TD's {d}Light.


XP/Reward would have the following multipliers..


* Top Tier - x1 all types

* -1 Tier  {a}x2 {b}x2 {c}x1.5 {d}x1

* -2 Tier  {a)x3 {b)x3 {c}x2 {d}x1.5

* -3 Tier  {a}x6 {b}x6 {c}x4 {d}x2

* -4 Tier  {a}x12 {b}x15 {c}x8 {d}x4

* -5 Tier  {a}x20 {b}x25 {c}x15 {d}x7

* Same XP given to players regardless of winning or losing.


With win/loss rate remaining unaffected, players can enjoy doing their best without any stress of hurting stats yet enjoying great rewards doing what they can with what little they have. Low tier Heavies and Arty are the most effected so they deserve high rewards making every small accomplishment satisfying. Conversely a tier 3 Pz1-C can hide, run & spot well against tier 8 vehicles so their reward multiplier is lower.  TD's & mediums obviously fall in-between the two. 


Removing win/loss from statistics is critical as it should remove the stress and angst of "having to win" when a player has near zero ability to effect the outcome in any particular game due to being low tier.


The Match Maker would require some work to ensure the following...

* Matching Tiers and types (a,b,c,d) on both sides. EG same number Tier -3 {a} on both sides etc. Keep total Arty to three or less, the mix of others could be kept loose as long as the tiers and types match. With 'having to win' no longer a stresser, the wider game variety can be more appreciated as no-one really loses. With solid XP still being given out, players are still incentivised to do well and not team-kill etc.


Lastly, what unique experiences would this bring?

*  Experiencing being a top tier heavy truly dominating the battlefield.

*  Outsmarting tier eight heavies as you spot with your tier three Pz-1c

*  Big Brother / Little Brother teamwork

*  Challenge of increased complexity of mini-map situational awareness due to wide variation of effectiveness on the field. 

*  Greater hero stories.



You will sometimes have situations where one side loses their top-tier heavies resulting in the opposing top-tier heavies being completely un-stoppable. That is why win-loss must not be a statistical factor in this battle mode. Knowing you're fully rewarded for doing what you can with no statistical down side, allows one to more enjoy/appreciate the wide variety of situations.  

Lastly this battle mode should be active only during peak hours as not to thin out available random battles during quieter times



So there it is...  what do you all think?  

/puts on flame suit.




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Ezz #2 Posted 20 June 2019 - 10:28 PM

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I think you've got the multipliers a bit back to front with the classes but beyond that could make for an interesting seasonal game mode. I had this other idea of a seasonal game mode too. Introduce a line of crazy mobile physics defying wheeled tanks with silly accurate guns that can run around like mad kids that can't be tracked. Would be great as a one every 6 months sort of thing. Not permanent of course, that would just ruin things.

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Aoyama_Blue_Mountain #3 Posted 20 June 2019 - 11:14 PM

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Just do a zombie survivor mode like CoD Zombies. Enemies keep coming in waves and higher and higher tiers.


In the past, tier 5 LT met tier 10 enemies. (Maximum battle-tier 12)


It sucked and we have 7 years of player complaints explaining why unfair-tiering MM sucks



Removing win/loss from statistics is critical as it should remove the stress and angst of "having to win" when a player has near zero ability to effect the outcome in any particular game due to being low tier.


Players will just quit the battle and retry until they get top tier.


In fact most of what you are suggesting just boils down to play-for-fun instead of play-for-winrate and you can already achieve that on your own anyway. Even better, if you go play another game such as Barbie Online where you have no chance of losing and nobody shoots at you.


Off by 1 XPG...

KomradeWombat #4 Posted 21 June 2019 - 10:13 PM


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Excellent insights, all of them, thanks ...

mttspiii #5 Posted 22 June 2019 - 01:16 AM


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Looking at the server population, WG might just need to do that (revert back to old MM) just to make battles for the AUS server.

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