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No more TK threads?

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Profanisaurus #61 Posted Today, 07:40 AM

    le sigh

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View Posttallyh0, on 16 July 2019 - 11:28 AM, said:

...eliminate Team Damage is a retrograde step. Be strong. Bring it back. Encourage it.



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Ezz #62 Posted Today, 07:42 AM

    How many flipping posts do I need to get past Major?

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Interestingly I've noted that in FL there seems to be way more people just shooting friendlies randomly at the beginning. It's like wg have given the assholes a free pass to annoy people.

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_Sammich_ #63 Posted Today, 09:05 AM

    Goes beach on Overlord

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I wonder if griefing will go through the roof once changes go live.

Although in botes there’s no teamkill damage in scenarios and people seem pretty well behaved in that mode. Not necessarily good, but at least well behaved...
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CardinalMite #64 Posted Today, 12:52 PM


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Funny thing is that over the last couple of years they have been adding in the functionality that previously only could be got from various mods as QoL improvements.


Almost without exception these improvements to the UI have been acclaimed by the user base as A GOOD THING.


So if WG were so convinced that team damage and team killing was such a big problem and they could not be arsed to deal with it through improving the automated system, why the F did they not try just adding safe shot mod and have it mandatory so you can't turn it off?


Sure it would not stop people ramming each other, but seriously that isn't a big problem at all. If it became one just stop same team ramming damage only.


That would have at a stroke given you nearly all the advantages of disabling all team damage, with none of the downsides.


It is complete idiocy that they did not even try other solutions, prior to just going down the easy but dumb route.

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