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Looking for New ANZ Clans for Competitive Play

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pr154 #1 Posted 27 November 2019 - 01:22 PM


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Hi Clans!


This call goes out to developing ANZ clans who'd like to understand the game mechanics around clans in World of Tanks, and do more in the competitive space.


Tier VI Skirmish has a low barrier to entry (only two clan members required to form a 7-tank detachment, the rest can be legionnaires from other clans) and puts into practise all of the basic skills of competitive play. Unfortunately due to low server populations, particularly on the ANZ Server, organising even entry-level competition takes planning and coordination, so going it alone will often only lead to an empty queue. We can give you the tools to get in touch.


There are any given number of pillars of the WoT ANZ community who would love to help you along the way with tank selection and map tactics. There's a ton of content for Clans in World of Tanks, so be sure that you're not missing out!


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