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The Pink Panther Skin (Prototype) - and some issues...

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SF_CielPhantomhive #1 Posted 28 December 2019 - 08:43 PM


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Hi, Ciel here

Say, have you ever watched the iconic show called "The Pink Panther"? Yes, indeed, it is a classic show that sparks nostalgic moments from our childhood. And it happens to me that i am a huge fan of the show since i was 6.

So recently, I've been playing in the Pudel, a superb tank which is essentially a Panther, but then i started pondering about the tank, which is again a Panther, and why there are hardly any skins for it. This hard fact makes me quite sad, but then something sparked inside my head, something that leads to me having no proper sleep trying to make concepts on what to do with this lovely Panther tank.

So of course, being a Pink Panther weeb i am, i made this:

I was about to put every Pink Panther accessories on the tank when i came across this issue involving shadows.

So normally, it'd look like this, being all pink and pretty, exactly like Pink Panther from the show, but then whenever i tried to zoom out of the tank, the entire thing morphs into a Black Panther:

Any folks out here know what's wrong with the texture? Yes i modified the GMM texture file on it to give it a sparkly pink texture, but i'm pretty sure that the GMM textures aren't the ones to be blamed on since the gun texture file, which the GMM textures was left untouched, also gives out a black skin on it. Or perhaps there are other textures that i forgot to modify, please kindly point it out.

Cheers, Ciel.


Y vamos al tirroteo!

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