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Some advice for the newchums (new Players) from an old dog

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southerner #1 Posted 29 December 2019 - 08:06 AM


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These holidays 2019, i notice the end of year influx of brand new players. And we see plenty of new players in high teir tanks mainly premiums that they have bought or won. They go into tier 8 games or higher according to the game mechanics. And they get themselves wiped out. Now im not knocking newchums but.... the bitter truth is that you are more a liability to your team than an asset.


How so ?


In four words, crew skills and player experience.




The old way of getting crew skills was to play and play and to concentrate your experience winnings around one crew and to spend gold and swap them from tank to tank and stay at the low tiers so you didnt get wiped out. I trained an American crew in my tier 3 locust up to 4 skills in the Locust light tank. They fought over 3000 battles in that tank before i judged them skilled enough to go into higher tier tanks.


Then came the female crew members with 2 fully trained skills and a start on the third skill and lately some commanders with 3 fully trained skills and a start on the forth skill. 


So thats all well and good, as I won female crew in the campaigns and Christmas promotions I spent the rest of the year training them up to very high skill levels indeed.


Then came buying crew skills with silver. THIS is the fastest way to up skill your crew(s) in a hurry. For 2 million silver either played for or bought you can get your crew up to whatever level you want, just the higher the skill level the more silver you have to pay.


To give you and idea some of my experienced crews on their 8th skill EACH, some crew members like loaders and drivers are fully skilled out.


This is what I want newbies to think and how to think when you come up against players that have been playing for the best part of 7 years, their tanks and crews are going to be very very efficient. Take firefighting for example, some crew have the full firefighting crew skill along with  safe stowage and preventative maintenance so I can therefore replace the auto fire extinguishers with the food consumable to get an extra 10%.so along with BIA and some purple modules, my tank is very killer in a game. This is what you newchums are up against and yes it isnt fair. This is what im saying higher tier games for this very reason are not a fair fight and you newbies are my meat. 


Their is a downside to this..... the newchums in my team die early, so us old dogs get outgunned, and oh yes we rage and rage quit to try our luck later on with words being said. That being said the game balances out...... somewhat, it just depends how many newchums there are and how many old dogs are playing on each team.




Player experience is important as well, it takes YEARS to really learn this game and to get somewhere with it each class of tank has its own unique strong and weak points and then the individual tanks themselves  have their own strong and weak points. So there is bound to be a tank ingame that suits your style of playing and that you can cut the clothe to customize it to your fit. This where player experience comes in and helps you make decisions. 


Their are lots and lots of nations ingame now with a huge plethora of tanks. I only concentrate on 4 nations  Russia, France, America and Germany. Practically all the rest i dont have time for. Germany is strong with sniping tanks France for auto loaders and so on for the other nations.




Get your crew skills up

stay in the low tiers, dont go above tier 4

Only use your higher premium tanks for rapid silver and experience earnings once you get your 4th crew skill 

After your crew skills are past 4.5 skills then start going up the tiers, you will be able to bring a strong tank and crew and player to the battle and your team mates will appreciate it.

There are plenty of lower tier premiums up to tier 4 buy, win and use them.

Keep your number of crews compact, say one crew per nation

Use gold to get them trained as soon as you are able.

And just because you can see me do something and get away with it on the battlefield, doest mean that you can in a low or no skilled tank.

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Flying_Circus #2 Posted 01 January 2020 - 02:54 PM


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My advice to new players is different.


1. Tiers 4 to 6 are the best to learn the game. At tier 3 and lower (arguably tier 4 and lower) most tanks have very little survivability and game play tends to be disorganised and chaotic. It might be fun (which is a fair enough reason to play low tiers), but you won't learn much.

2. You want a crew trained to 100%. You don't need 4 skills or more for tier 5 and 6 (though at least one full skill is nice - camo for lights and most TDs, repairs for heavies, etc).

3. Find one or two tanks you enjoy playing and play that tank a lot - while you master that tank, you'll master basic game mechanics relative to that tank type.

4. Watch your mini-map during battle. Don't get isolated away from team-mates.

5. Don't play artillery. Not because arty is terrible, but because you won't learn the game mechanics while playing arty.

6. Don't do risky manoeuvres early in the game. Look for where you can shoot your gun, but the longer you stay alive (and active) in the game, the more you will learn. If you find you are dying in the first few minutes of games, try doing something differently - because what you are currently doing clearly isn't working. :)


IMC_Jimmy #3 Posted 02 January 2020 - 04:31 AM

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View Postsoutherner, on 29 December 2019 - 09:06 AM, said:



In four words, crew skills and player experience 



That's 5 words mate....:hiding:

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_stevethegecko_ #4 Posted 02 January 2020 - 06:59 AM


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View PostTE_Skell, on 02 January 2020 - 07:31 AM, said:



That's 5 words mate....:hiding:


kilig ako

Puggsley #5 Posted 02 January 2020 - 10:05 AM


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No need to spend so long in tiers 5 and below, all you will be doing is cementing that playstyle which will not help you as you move up through the tiers. 


Pick a couple of tanks which you like and gently move up through the tiers, but be honest when you are struggling and stay there until you can get it sorted out. 


As you move up its a much harsher learning environment, because you will be playing against some people who are great players and higher tiers are where they tend to play.


Other opponents will be highly experienced with crew crews and very decent knowledge of the game.


And there will also be muppets who have no idea. Don't be one of those.


To get better you have to go through the phase where you are struggling. Persevere but be honest when you are really out of your depth and you are not learning anything. Then go back down a tier or two and get your mojo back.


The most critical advice I can give is don't fall for the trap of thinking that Tank X will cover up what you lack as a player. Bad players fail just as spectacularly in OP tanks as they do in average tanks.

southerner #6 Posted 02 January 2020 - 01:13 PM


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Well said ^^^^^^


As i was saying dont move up the tiers so fast, the tank wont save you.


I must add that after 6 nearly 7 years of playing I only have a couple of tier 10's and maybe 1 tier 9. I mainly do all my battles in my tiers 7 and 8 tanks.

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