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new player experience

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Uninvited_Guest #1 Posted 06 March 2020 - 09:12 PM


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I hear about this game so made an account. i have played for two days. Now i have 17 games. tonight i played nine games and won three games. in most of the games were other tanks with two thousand five thousand ten thousand and in one case thirty thousand games (snoppy119) and another more than seventy thousand (ccrazy aw). of course these games i lost. i am wondering what the point of this game is? If I am supposed to spend money I don't think its a good idea with players like this. I have a few days of premium time so I will see how it goes but I don't like it so far.

wasaabi #2 Posted 06 March 2020 - 09:29 PM

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Moved to the appropriate forum.



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Schimitz #3 Posted 06 March 2020 - 10:13 PM


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Well nobody likes being new player in a multiplayer games. Just give it a few weeks and if it doesn't work out it may not be for you. Honestly losing is not that bad when you done considerable damage to the enemy.

n00b__ #4 Posted 07 March 2020 - 12:34 AM


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I'm returned to the game after some time lured by the wonderful referral incentive good idea WG
... but I'm ABSOLUTELY disgusted with the seal clubbing as i try to grind some new lines. How many new players must be put totally off the game by this?
When your team's seal clubbers roll over the enemy you get very little XP and if your team gets rolled you get even less! So you're stuck in these low tier even longer as a consequence of seal clubbers!
It would be so easy to discourage this behaviour if WG wished to! Why don't they? All games need new players to survive and incentives like the referral program are a great way to go about that, so why not fix this demoralising  introduction that  new players experience?
The players pushing team member out of cover into enemy fire in later tier is bad enough but now one wants the first experience of new players to be so negative that they go play other games instead


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Fast attack for the win at low tiers, camp for ZZZZ.

Bigglesfliesagain_ #5 Posted 07 March 2020 - 08:58 AM

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I'm sorry, 19 games and not happy with the experience already?? :facepalm:


This game may not be suited to your play style.


Bonus points for finding the forum though....your 1/2 way there to a better experience.


World of Tanks is not a point and shoot game that you can just jump into and expect to be great/competitive in. If thats what your looking for then be ready for disappointment. It not a great casual experience. Find another game.


But it is a great game and I've been playing for years and made some great mates and played in some great clans along the way.


The issue is there are a few quite complex mechanisms (spotting, armor/penetration, etc) that you need to know to get the best out of the game. Unfortunately, while WG does give you a boot camp of sorts, they don't  tend to explain this very well and then there's  the whole issue of hidden stats. If you want to blame anyone for the new player experience, blame WG as the ball has been in their court for years with great suggestions from experienced players and we are still where we are today.


This can make what seems like a simple point and shoot into a frustrating experience based on your expectations. The information on the mechanics of the game is out there if you want to learn. I think this is where your at and for the records I've seen plenty of players with thousands of games who are still baddies and don't understand the mechanics and complain about cheats and the game.


If you simply want to point, shoot and then complain welcome to the forums but don't let the door hit you on the way out. Or you can learn the mechanics, make mates and find a clan to enjoy the experience.


The choice is yours.






NameWasStolenStresslevel #6 Posted 07 March 2020 - 06:06 PM


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at low tiers i can only recommend platooning with big players. Find a clan that can provide you special antistatpadder protection and high quality platonning. Good luck.

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