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1.9 Common Test

Tech Tree

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bowie031962 #1 Posted 29 March 2020 - 08:23 AM


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I do not like the tech tree modifications.   Especially the idea of collector vehicles.    The current tech tree pushes you to strive to get new vehicles rather than just buy them.   You have made it too easy to progress, therefore I don't believe players will play the different types of tanks to earn XP to buy the next tank up.    Ditch the new tree construct.    It also allows inexperienced players to, relatively quickly, come in at Tier V when they are nowhere near experienced enough.   It is like having noobs buy premium Tier VIIIs and start playing.   They don't get enjoyment because they get killed quickly because they haven't learnt the game.   It is important to gain the skills by going through the tiers.   Anything else is just stupid.  


I understand you also want to improve survivability at lower tiers but really how is increasing the ammo capacity going to hurt you for credibility of true tank (i.e. reality) capacity.    You (wargaming) are starting to take too much license in changing the parameters of the tanks themselves.   You are heading down a path of self destruction due to a lack of credibility - something that you relied upon in the early days of the game.   The tanks are accurate in looks but nothing else? really?  If you keep the current ammo capacities them maybe the players will not be so stupid with wasting ammo.   Time and time again I see a lot of ammo being wasted leaving the form up area.    Not only that firing at other friendly tanks (now that you have blocked friendly fire).   Ammo conservation is something that has to be learnt.   Increase the points (although I don't necessarily agree with your reasoning) but don't change the ammo capacity.


Instead of wasting time on areas that are not such an issue I think wargaming should concentrate their efforts on fixing the true "errors" of the game.    MM is one area that needs to be fixed, cheats need to be stopped as they are still in the game, work done so far has been good but I think the punishment system needs to be upgraded.    First offence- 3-6 month ban period!   Second offence - permabanned (as is currently the case).    Introduce a system where a player that has been banned cannot be allowed to create another account and re-enter the game - data matching etc.


How to deal with cheats is a difficult job but maybe mods - unless they are introduced by wargaming specifically as part of the vanilla client - should be stopped.   Lock down the directories so that they cannot be modified.   You have to get on top of this problem as it is still hurting the gameplay.


Fix what is broken and leave the other stuff alone.    Wise adage - if it ain't broke don't fix it.

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Ezz #2 Posted 30 July 2022 - 07:01 PM

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Best blog post.

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