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AMA with the World of Tanks Developers

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sanklero #341 Posted 03 May 2020 - 04:12 AM


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german tank need to improved all type :teethhappy: make all world tank.ship , planes on same map more good if possible

Trehugger #342 Posted 03 May 2020 - 07:28 AM


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I have but a couple questions, when in post battle results, i cycle through the teams performance and when the game is a right ole stomping.. ie 2-15 loss , i then go through to check the PR of the other team and I usually find that the other team has a much higher PR per team member than on my team.. 

Example.. average on my team say 5.5k pr for the team ,   yet on the other team their average might be 7.5k PR.. these results happen more often than not so my question is.. "why is MM placing the better players on the enenmy team instead of trying to balance the teams ability to have a fair game ? "

This happenes almost every game with the exception of a few games.. to put it into perspective.. about 80% of games are stacked against you.. why?

Everyone says its about the tanks.. example just recently i had a game where we had 2 x T49s and the enenmy team had 2 x EBRs ?.. shouldnt MM put one of each on each team ? 

This type of MM is ruining the game play for a fair and balance game to either make it a win or loss.. by the way MM is currently it has already pre determined the outcome by what it does..

For this type of MM for new comers, its just horrid and will ultermately put players off from playing due to the stacking of teams..




MIA Fly_trap family

sign0flyf #343 Posted 03 May 2020 - 08:11 AM


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Thanks for a great game. Having loads of fun.

Couple of suggestions:

1) No gold ammo in lower tiers. Only available tier 5+.

2) Pause the booster countdown clock while waiting for a game.

3) How about a tool that tells us an approximate battle que wait time based on the tier of the selected tank; or even just an updating display indicating the wait time for each tier.


A warning - don't get lost in the creativity around building/tweaking tank models. In my opinion, the real attraction of this game is the realism and getting a taste of what it was like to battle all those famous tanks that have featured in miliary history and I suspect that in part, that this was the reason for creating the game in the first place. Try to keep gamer experience as close to the truth as possible. To do otherwise would be to mock all those brave souls who did this for real.


To all the moaners - its just a game, stop being so serious.


AP hugs and HE kisses to all


MagicalFlyingFox #344 Posted 03 May 2020 - 01:02 PM

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Will we see a proper policing on players rigging missions for reward tanks?


Or rigging pub battles in general, whether its for missions or marks of excellance?

Can we get firmer punishments for those who rig missions and aren't at the 279e yet - bar them entirely from the tier 10 reward. 


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AlanAugust #345 Posted 03 May 2020 - 03:27 PM


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View Postsign0flyf, on 03 May 2020 - 07:11 AM, said:

 In my opinion, the real attraction of this game is the realism and getting a taste of what it was like to battle all those famous tanks that have featured in miliary history and I suspect that in part, that this was the reason for creating the game in the first place. Try to keep gamer experience as close to the truth as possible. To do otherwise would be to mock all those brave souls who did this for real.



In that case it's all wrong !

1- Most of the tank battles were hold at long or mid range never as close as WOT.  I.e. Ramming kills never exist

2- Never Tanks are let alone without infantry  support especially in towns where Tanks ALWAYS avoid to go …

3- Tanks are mostly used with a massive  same type/ tank together. Mix Lt/Med/HT/TD never happen...

4- Artillery never able to aim directly a target (even today) especially behind a wall

5- You never have a beautiful red silhouette around the enemy tank .. The main problem is ALWAYS to detect and identify enemy target

6- Mainly one SINGLE APCR impact detonates your tank

7- Breaking the tracks of a tank with an impact almost never happens

8 - A tank never takes off, slips, slides …

9 - To shift from forward to reverse sometimes takes up to a minute or more and so all these tanks that "dance" are just ridiculous

10- The maps are absolutely not realistic and voluntary obstacles "block" all the shooting sectors which correspond to reality. Prokhorovka and Malinovka are the least unrealistic in depicting 98 percent fighting in the Great Plains.


I stop here but we could still go on like this for a while



suzack #346 Posted 03 May 2020 - 03:50 PM


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in update 1.6, team damage by shooting or ramming was removed.
after this update, in game automatic BAN system for TK/FF not work.
because the system is driven by damage.
are you understand this serious deadly bug?
and do you really consider that no damage TK/FF system is good?

kinetiq #347 Posted 03 May 2020 - 07:23 PM


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Rigged Number Generator


In addition to my previous question, please, watch this Klaus Kellerman video (should be marked # ~ 7 min). https://youtu.be/48W53gLeVe4?t=316

What I said is similar to his "Rigged Number Generator", isn't it ? My observation was that the rigging he is talking about is done on a personal basis with the misguided intention to balance the game & "improve game experience" for what they estimate is an average player. If eg. you manage to hit more than your long time average for several games in a row, it is a guarantee you will get this :) Few of the people like you happen to get into one team & you have the result Claus is talking about. Perhaps, WG also found that  the affected ("nerfed" ) players do not considerably damage their end-of-the-month financial statement.


I suggest, no matter whether the developers have or do not have to say the truth about, they should address this. You take money for the game - be at least straightforward about what people can expect in return.

_Sp4rtacus_ #348 Posted 03 May 2020 - 09:14 PM


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How long does WG plan on supporting world of tanks ?


Also 1900 UTC +8 is what time ?? Says 4:40=5am ?? 19:00 UTC +8  21919:00 UTC +8:00 UTC +82 May at 19:00 UTC +8 2  2 May at 19:00 UTC +8

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Player_8087939156 #349 Posted 03 May 2020 - 10:11 PM


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Firstly I just want to thank WG for making this beautiful game that we all love and adore, a game that we hope continues to attract and keep new players. It is with this mindset that many of us make suggestions in the hope that the game would grow and reach a healthy state of balance for all.


WG have recently brought up the idea of allowing us to ban more maps. However, banning maps is only a partial solution to a bigger problem - the maps themselves requiring balance changes. There are maps that are too small (Ensk), too stalemated (Erlenberg, Airfield, Minsk, Siegfried Line standard), too corridored (Minsk, Siegfried standard) but most importantly of all, there are maps that heavily favor one spawn over the other (Mines!!!, Fjords, Highway, Mannerheim Line). These issues are urgent and have negatively impacted gameplay on a daily basis since well before update 1.0. What is currently being done to solve these issues?


I'm not sure if this is different in other parts of the world, but personally I very rarely see WoT advertisements while I'm on the internet. The only ads i see are very poorly done side-panel ads on YouTube, that make it seem like some cheap game that nobody plays. The only decent quality video ads I've seen are all montages of tanks ramming and flipping each other, which heavily misrepresents what the game brings to the table (i.e. strategic gameplay). I would imagine there are many people out there who would be interested in a unique game such as WoT if only there was proper advertising that accurately showcases the strategic elements of the game. What is WG currently doing in terms of advertising and what are the plans for future advertising?


Why is WG reluctant to reduce +/-25% RNG or even try it out on Sandbox or Test server? It has been suggested many times that the possibility of a 420mm penetration round failing to penetrate 315mm of armor or penetrating 525mm of armor is ridiculous. This is without even mentioning accuracy RNG which many consider to be the most over-tuned of the RNG types. Perhaps a reduction to +/-15%?


Are some tanks in the tech trees designed to be over or under powered? For example the Crusader now at T6 was already under-powered at T5, but by moving it to T6 with minimal buffs it further reinforces that WG intends for the tank to be very weak. 


Upon the introduction of T10 lights and the subsequent re-organizing of the tech tree light tanks, WG stated that they wished to move light tanks in the direction of 'active scouting' as opposed to passive scouting by reducing view range and accuracy. However, it was already unrealistic to force such lightly armored tanks to play at close range, but now with the introduction of wheeled vehicles this philosophy has lost all feasibility. Why are there no plans to at least enable light tanks to be effective at longer range?

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_TalkingBush_ #350 Posted 03 May 2020 - 10:19 PM


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Removed stun ?
Maximum 2 or 1 SPG in random matches?
Removing BOT in random mode?
So few maps are easy to get bored, will there be new maps and old maps coming back?
Buff panther 8.8?
Does WG intend to make more interesting game modes?
What will WG do with crew skills, what plans does WG have for this?
Reopen teammate damage?
Neft Wheely, Obj.279 Cheiftan?
Does WG increase the number of Platoons member instead of the current 3?

3HitKO #351 Posted 03 May 2020 - 11:24 PM


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About HT rebalance:

I read that German heavies guns will be buffed:

15 cm Kw.K. L/38

12,8 cm Kw.K. 44 L/55    530 alpha

8,8 cm Kw.K. 43 L/71 280 alpha

10,5 cm Kw.K. L/52         360 alpha

10,5 cm Kw.K. L/68         360 alpha

12,8 cm Kw.K. 44 L/55 530 alpha


How about premium tanks using similar gun variants? (WG deliberately ignore so that powercreeping can happen?)

VK168 Mauerbrecher => 12,8 cm Kw.K. L/50 A (Improving its Gun handling and Alpha, VK100 & VK168 deserve to have 490-530 alpha)

LOWE => 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/70            320 to 360-400 alpha?

Please do not forget 


​8,8 Jgtiger => 8,8 cm Pak 43 L/71A (change it to be the same as Jgtiger H 12,8 cm PAK 44/1 L/55 , since WG you gonna bring out ISU-152 K premium massive 750 alpha anyway.)

Vondle #352 Posted 06 May 2020 - 02:40 PM


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Thank you for your questions everyone! We're now working with the Developers on getting them answered! Make sure you tune in to the livestream to see if your questions been picked :)!

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