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Suggestions that use in game mechanics


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obj_19 #1 Posted 13 May 2020 - 09:45 AM


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Ello weegee,

Bobject here,

Had a weird dream about this and i guess it might work..

Pressing X to switch between armament might work right? But then the o-i's rear turret is useless then... Maybe change penetration and and amount of shells to carry into battle for each turret. Kinda might help going arnd corners or defending against flankers.

Since we press X to switch into rapid or siege mode ig you guys can do the fine details to make it work. Maybe buff pen for small guns in higher tiers, like o-ni and o-ho has small guns...

Multi turret includes coaxial guns bigger than 20mm... Like the maus's 7,5cm with buffed pen and half the reload of main armament. If fired during main reload, will reset the reload like double barrelled vehicles.

Maybe even include smoke launchers in british, american, swedish, german vehicles that act like the smokescreen powerup in frontline but has its own "ammunition" for the launchers. Smoke screen increases camo for allies in it and reduces opponents view range if they are in it. But both sides see smoke and cant see opponent only silhouette if reticle is on tank. From afar opponents see a cloud of smoke, revealing your position, but not on minimap, so opponents might try shooting pot shots and blind shots

maybe a feature for LT's to turn off engines to increase camo value by a certain percentage, this is like entering siege mode, wait 2-3 seconds before it happens. If engine is damaged time to restart engine is extended, but to turn it off is same. When restarting reduces camo value by certain percentage like moving with a camo net.

illumination shells to increase view range of allies but a side effect reveals your position or increase enemy view range..if it hits enemy directly it has a increased chance to set them on fire (actual WWII tactic). If it doesnt set on fire.. Sort of reduces view range of enemy or injures cow depending where it hit (cupola for commander, drivers periscope for driver)

Different times of day like night, weather like rain to reduce visibility or reduce crew skills. (Rain makes ground softer, sandstorms in desert maps negate skills that increase view range, leaving proxy spotting as a option)

Night reduces view range but it can be increased by turning headlights on at the sacrifice of camo values.

headlights dont render your tank as spotted unless within opponents max view range. If out of range they see a glowing dot in the distance making you vulnerable.

Option to switch to blackout lights to have same as headlights while sacrificing less camo

Convoy lights so allies can see you on the map if out of radio range but sacrifices camo.

Buff some tanks like the Emil 1 to have historical armor and gun depression.

 I say all this uses some in game mechanics like the coaxial using double barrel mechanic and multi turret using X key, smoke screen like frontline but modified

etc.. Its not that hard to implement... Hope to see this in a future update

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