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If WG is capable of fixing just one problem let it be This

arty Artillery Gameplay problems stun

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  1. Remove arty completely refund everyone and give us arty strike same used in clan wars and front line battles unlockable only at a certain personal rating figure. (2 votes [66.67%])

    Percentage of vote: 66.67%

  2. Arty stays remove stun completely nerf the accuracy and damage limit to 1 per team (1 vote [33.33%])

    Percentage of vote: 33.33%

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adampurkis #1 Posted 15 May 2020 - 08:44 PM


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Been playing for 7 years love this game ( loved this game). Then they added high tier artillery we were getting 4 to 5 arty per team it was just ridiculous 400 to 1k damage if your in a glass cannon paper tank.


Then they reworked it was still terrible all though you had less of them per game and all the arty players ( hide in the back clicker captains) just kept raging.

After that they reworked arty for some reason I feel the arcs of fire are a lot higher we are getting hit pretty much behind everything they are doing crazy damage including splashing others, even so accurate they can hit light tanks and mediums on the move. This is only the beginning, They added stun. The higher the tier the longer the stun which has pretty much ruined the game completely for me. First Minute into the game we get spotted by a wheeled vehicle that defies all laws of physics by the speed /weight and cornering prowess. Then you get hit smack on the turret dead center while on the move to your position. Module damage tracked and two crew dead. stunned pretty much defenseless in a Russian heavy tank with Stalinium armor unable to shoot a accurate round into anything 5 meters away.you heal your crew repair your broken module or modules and carry on a few seconds later the second arty hit? Could it be this guy has a unbelievable rate of fire? No, Your [edited]. Your entire team is [edited] their are 3 of them on each team. The 3rd arty hits the tank next to you stuns you, you still have module damage left over and no repair kits or any kits left over. The enemy comes in and being unable to shoot properly due to the stupid stun countdown you die.


Now I know this game has a lot of flaws tier 8 is full of premium tanks that somehow perform better than all the stuff on the tech tree, Wheeled vehicles have destroyed the camo/spotting mechanic completely, cannot be stopped and most time when hit side on with a 122 shell will just result in a critical hit. Moreover they have rendered all other light tanks in the game completely useless including the glass cannon TD that usually go to there favorite spot. The maps well lets just not even talk about how the tanks have outgrown the map.I mean Mines? Tier 10? No WG. Just NO.


War gaming seem to be more interested in adding content more tanks to grind more premium russian stalinum armored tanks that everyone will buy, Then get nerfed and then add more new ones then put fake specs for the players to see and tell them its BALANS all tanks are BALANS . 


Atleast WG could fix one problem just one let it be arty the vehicle line that has been reworked twice a third if what they say it true and what some say should never have even been added the game. 

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Ezz #2 Posted 15 May 2020 - 09:40 PM

    How many flipping posts do I need to get past Major?

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Would rather they addressed balance of the actual tanks, stopped relying on power creep, addressed issues with their maps, tweaked the rewards to make it less viable for bots and bot like play. Arty is what it is. 

Who the [edited] are you? Get Spoofed! "wouldn't be a proper WG balance change if they didn't [edited] something up after all "

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