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エンジョイ 初心者 小隊 トーナメント Tier VI 前衛戦

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CocoaHoto #1 Posted 07 November 2020 - 10:23 PM


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党員でいるには,CocoaHoto書記長の指導に従っていて,DiscordのテキストチャンネルかボイスチャンネルでN2レベル以上の日本語かB2レベル以上の英語で話せていて,ゲーム内での敵チームへの攻撃以外にしてほしくない人がいることをしないでいて,2ヶ月以内に戦闘していて,ゲーム内で党に所属しているアカウントがメインアカウントである必要があります.「どちらかと言えば,ゲーム中での判断と行動の欠点を指摘してほしいか」という質問への最新の回答が「してほしい」である人にDiscordで修正主義者というロールが,「しないでほしい」である人に教条主義者というロールが与えられています.さらにT-34-85M, Bret. Panther, Pudel, Rudy, 40TP, P.43 bis, T-34-85, VK 30.02 M, Type 58をグループHと,Cromwell B, A-43, VK 30.01 D, CromwellをグループLとし,どちらのグループの車輌ももっている党員にゲーム内で上等兵のロールが,他の党員に新兵のロールが与えられています.

YURIH is a casualist party for chatting and playing cooperatively with 7 players or less. We look forward to the construction and creative development of casualism, based on the principles of sociability and non-competitiveness. We protect the interests of noobs and f2p players.

If you want to join the party, here's how it works: first you fill out the Google form, we invite you to our server on Discord, you join our server and we give you the role of people. Next, you and we will chat and play together. Finally, if we want you to join YURIH, we tell you so within two months of you joining the server, you join YURIH in the game and we give you the role of party member on Discord.
You must follow the guidance of General Secretary CocoaHoto, be able to speak N2 level Japanese or higher or B2 level English or higher on the Discord text or voice channel, not do anything someone do not want you to do other than attack the enemy team in the game, have fought within 2 months and the account belonging to the party in the game must be your main account to be a member of the party. We assign the role of revisionist on Discord to those whose latest answer to the question "If anything, do you want others to point out the shortcomings of your decisions and actions in the game?" is "I'd like others to point out the shortcomings," and the role of dogmatist to those whose answer is "I'd like others NOT to point out the shortcomings." Furthermore, we have designated T-34-85M, Bret. Panther, Pudel, Rudy, 40TP, P.43 bis, T-34-85, VK 30.02 M, Type 58 as Group H and Cromwell B, A-43, VK 30.01 D, Cromwell as Group L, and we have given the role of a private to party members who have a vehicle in both groups, and the role of a recruit to the other party members in the game.
Why don't you enjoy chatting and playing cooperatively with 7 players or less in YURIH with us?

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