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[BRV06] Bravo Six. recruiting skilled, battle-hardened tankers!

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SimonGhostRiley_TF141 #1 Posted 08 December 2020 - 06:59 PM


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[BRV06]Bravo Six, Special Air Service.

"We get dirty, and the world stays clean. That's the mission."


BRV06 is now recruiting!
We created a clan with two goals in mind: Competing with other clans, and developing a friendly community for everyone. A skilled and organized clan for any battles and as a result, we're looking for SKILLED, BATTLE-HARDENED tankers.



Friendliness is important. We do not need only skilled tankers, but we also required those who can be friendly and positive to other people. Ready to offer helps when needed. Our clan is based on Australia, but we're not focusing on that region only - we are also looking for players to operate in HK theater too. We aimed to be the place for everyone. We wanted to provide a great atomsphere for everyone through platooning, members interactions and some participation in skirmishes/clan battles.



Anyone who participated in helping the clan is guaranteed to get rewards - including golds, days of World of Tanks premium account, and even the tank itself.



Expect yourself to be featured on our montages, we have a video editor who can produce the entertaining videos for you to watch. Show your skills by sending a replay to the video editor, tell what you have done, and he will try to get it on as much as possible. (You must be a member of the clan first.)



We also have four specialist fields for you to be assigned. You will be assigned for the role accordingly.



You must be 17 years or older

Understand the basics of in-game mechanics.

> Discord usage is mandatory <

Good communication skills, fluent in English.

You must played at least 3000 battles.

Average WN8: >1200 All Time OR 1800 in 20 battles.

Average Win-Rate: >51% All Time OR >55% in 20 battles.

You must have at least one Tier 8 vehicle in your garage.


Please note that some exceptions might be made by officers (like close friends for example) if you're willing to join.


-- This will be a section for specialist fields, this is required for our recruiters if you are willing to join the clan with the intention to participate in Global Map. --

*Specialist Fields are your role in the battle. This is important since we will be able to organize our movements correctly when we're in clan battles.


You might be assigned to multiple fields if you're better than we expected.


SPECIALIST FIELDS - "Assault" (Frontline: heavy tanks.)

At least one of the tank from the list: T95/FV4201, Object 260, Object 279e, Object 277, Super Conqueror, 60TP.

Earned >20 Steel Wall awards.

Achieve armor-efficiency ratio: >0.33


SPECIALIST FIELDS - "Support" (Second line: medium tanks and some other tanks.)
At least one of the tank from the list: Object 140, Object 430u, M48 Patton, E 50M, TVP T50/51, Leopard 1.

Earned >30 Confederate awards OR >10 Top Gun awards.

Achieve hit ratio: >60%


SPECIALIST FIELDS - "Reconnaissance" (Light tanks, scouting.)
At least one of the tank from the list: EBR 105, T-100 LT, AMX 13 105.

Earned >10 Patrol Duty awards PR >10 Scout awards.

Achieve enemy vehicle spotted ratio: >1.30


SPECIALIST FIELDS - "Bomber" (Artilleries.)
At least one of the tank from the list: T92 HMC, ConquerorGC.

Earned >30 Confederate awards.

Know how to exploit enemy behind covers, if possible (splash damage near targets for example.)


! You can take a look of your statistics and see if it's meet the requirements above in the game, or in the website like tanks.gg !


We have ZERO-TOLERANCE against players that are cheating or rigging battles, also we encourage players to remain civil, considerate and equal. Failing to comply may result in a rejected clan application or kick/ban from the clan.


Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/wtjJFKV6BS


Please contact our officers: SimonGhostRiley_TF141 or anyone that is availble for an application to join.


By joining, you accept BRV06 clan's rules and Wargaming's Code Of Conduct.

















jumphonner #2 Posted 09 December 2020 - 05:50 AM

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Good luck with the recruiting. The more Aussie clans doing clan wars, the better.

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