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Progetto 54 short owner review (and short comparison with Bisonte)

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Aoyama_Blue_Mountain #1 Posted 21 February 2021 - 12:07 PM

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This is a short review of the tier 8 Italian autoreloading HT Progetto 54, by an owner who grinded it on the HK cluster


Short summary:



As you can see the performance by the players on the server seems pretty decent.


I run Vents, Vstab and Turbo. Gun rammer is not mountable on this tank. Turbo is necessary for reverse speed as well as boosting top speed of this tank's good hp/ton ratio. The rest is focus on accuracy and DPM, because oh boy it needs it. If I could run a 4th item I would run rotation module.


Cons: Accuracy and DPM

These are the issues that keep appearing. Although actually compared to other 300-damage class tech tree tanks, the accuracy is about average. But thanks to how fast this tank is, and also not-very-reliable armor, and also combined with the autoreloader mechanic which means this is still more of a single-shot tank than an autoloader, you play a lot of peekaboo and retreat with this tank, and without reliable armor, you don't have time to aim before having to retreat.


DPM is a horrible issue and the autoloader usage strategy is likely one that separates the good players from the bad. Without gun rammer, adding vents and BIA gets a 11.9 sec reload on the first round. For just 320 damage. Jeebus my IS-6 shoots 390 damage with a 9.6 sec reload. Second and third rounds are even worse, feeling like an eternity. And unlike the MT autoreloaders which can reload while relocating (and they have a faster full clip reload anyway), being a HT means you frontline more and relocate less. The improved autoreloader mechanics does not help much.


It needs team support

It's also kind of a carry tank at the same time. Like some tanks can carry if given team support, like Lorraine (or Somua and AMX 50 etc.) but cannot do anything on their own. While tanks like Russian HT and I'm guessing Bisonte can carry by themselves.

The DPM is really holding it back from such a role if unsupported. If the DPM or armor is a bit better it can do that. As it is currently, it can push and initiate, but due to horrible DPM it needs to fallback and get team's help after shooting the starting 1 to 2 shots. And thanks to that long reload, pray your team does not die in the meantime. It does work very well in fire support and area control, thanks to decent accuracy and armor (better than paper), and this armored autoreloader can push and capture areas while enemies are scared or dead and they can't push you because your teammates are behind, and that's this tank's way of carrying.



Turret armor has a big target of ~240mm-ish, meaning against tier 8 guns it is usable but not reliable, and against higher-pen rounds it is free penetration. Bisonte has similar armor but smaller target, and this is what my 274a thinks about Bisonte




The smaller hitbox compared to paper tanks means you have just a few seconds more to shoot your autoreloader, as well as being more menacing to the enemy. This is good enough to do its job that paper tanks can't. It's like Somua vs AMX, but Somua is too slow for anything useful while Progetto 54 is actually darn fast for a HT. Like, AMX-50 fast.


Comparison with Bisonte (Or, why is this tank seemingly performing so well while Bisonte is getting destroyed left right center?)

I have not played the Bisonte, so this is based on comparing other tanks that I have played with similar stats, and from killing them in pubs.


WG did well differentiating the two tanks. (Unlike for example Pantera and Progetto)

Link to tanks.gg comparison since I will be mentioning some values



With better DPM and slightly better protection, Bisonte is more designed for close-range combat, and the gun accuracy forces it to. It also has the slow speed typical of close-combat HT.

Bisonte's gun accuracy is... holy crap when you consider this is a 360 damage gun. The typical Russian premium boomstick has similar effective accuracy, and I don't have the heart to include in the list the tech tree IS-3 which is just flat out better than the premium stuff. The turret armor is good, nobody cares that on flat ground, while the hull armor is iffy at best.


So yea, with the turret armor and gun dep it will be very effective hulldown yea? But you have the accuracy of a Russian so how are you going to hit anything from a support position. And what happens when you need to relocate? With 12.5 hp/ton? Your team is already dead when you reach. So for this role, the Progetto 54 is still better due to higher accuracy and speed, even if it is worse defensively.


So the Bisonte is in a very weird position. It has the tools for hulldown, but it can't use it strategically. And I can't even say if it can frontline better than Prog54, since the hull armor is similar and Prog54 has much higher speed and accuracy and can teamwork better.


So all these probably resulted in, for the first time since the WG old balance team, a premium tank that is worse than the tech tree counterpart.

mttspiii #2 Posted 21 February 2021 - 04:25 PM


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So Prog is more tactical, while Bisonte is - appropriately for its name - an autoreloading ram to batter down the enemy frontally.


Prog > SOMUA > Bisonte?


Also forgot to mention that VK100 is a beast while Maurerbrecher is crap lol

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