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So the Sheridan derp are weak?

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xetang1192 #1 Posted 27 September 2021 - 02:18 PM


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I played the Sheridan for a while, and I generally feel that it was not born to be a real light tank at all.


Honestly, even a Leopard can bully it till dead without asking its name@@.


In attention to make it work, I MUST be taking a massive risk to go spot the enemies due to its big buddy size. But the results make me cry a lots because being outspoted by others lights :).

One more note, the allies seem to be very hate the Sheridan "not in a regular light tank spotting position", "are you a f****g Leopard?", "Noob Sheridan not go scout"....


But the reality is, It is a Leopard carrying non-accuracy gun.


Its good at dealing a tons of damages to light armor tanks in a flash, but the change of HE shells made Sheridan look like a joke when try to stop a Maus or Soviet vehicles rush mid. 


And furthermore, the enjoyable experience of derp gun drop to the hell when throw a 200 dame to the stb-1, or being chased by EBR. I have to say, Sheridan need a buff to make the HE shells become more effective at dealing dame to fontal armor, like a HESH, for example. the regular shell 's penetrations value needed to increase a bit, 10 mm. 3 secs of standing still in attempting to shot is a dead time to be a light tank, so Sheridan need to be a little more "scary"  to the enemies when they try to bully it.  

jumphonner #2 Posted 27 September 2021 - 02:56 PM


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Didn't you get the memo re derps?

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