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Tank barbie - please improve customisation mechanics.

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LeSigh #1 Posted 10 October 2021 - 10:46 AM

    It's Incredibly Disappointing

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Is there any chance we can have some improvements to the vehicle customisation (tank barbie) mechanics in the game?  When it first came out it was vast improvement over the original situation however it wasn't engineered for the sheer volume of customisation elements now being thrown at regular players.  


It's quite well known that I am a fan of tank barbie in general and when it first came out I got a lot of pleasure in doing lurid things to tanks but it's got to the point where it's not appealing any more. Why spend money on camo elements and paint when you have more styles than you can even use?  Likewise why have elements, inscriptions eetc. when you can't use them on styles?


The current system causes frustration for players as even if there is an element you want to use it's incredibly difficult to find it and there is no chance you can even use every item given to you. 2D and 3d Skins can't take a decal, emblem or an inscription and there are now so many preset styles that you can't even use them all let alone customisations.


I have 370+ tanks and of those 250 have styles plus another 46 unused styles currently. I have 600 decals unused and hundreds used. Even if I started from scratch the most decals I could use is around 360 out of the 600.  I have 1000 emblems.


I'd like to propose a few solutions or at least issues for consideration.


1. Skins

A, Style customisation - The biggie here is getting a change made so elements can be added to 2D and 3D skins. I've got TDs I would love to put an SU-76i decal on but can't because they have 2D or 3D styles. We're now at the point where some tier 10 vehicles have 2 or even 3 3D styles available to them. Being able to customise these would make it feel like reward Emblems and decals have some value and make the effort of completing missions for them seem a more valuable use of time.


B, Tier limited styles - I'd also suggest that anything that is tier restricted should be changed. There are Christmas styles (and ranked reward styles) that are tied to tier 10 or Premium tier 8s.  Meanwhile more and more of those two classes have their own 3D styles added so using the 2D styles is not viable.


There seems no logical reason to have them tier limited and just provides an inconvenience and makes a hard earned style redundant.


2. Individual Elements

There are two solutions I would like to see here. either:


A, Add a nominal price to all elements so they can be sold. On rare occasions some have a value and you can clear them but of the 1000 Emblems I have about 10 can even be sold and there is no removal option. Even if it's 10 credits an item so it's not breaking bank balances it would allow players to curate a collection that is manageable, of interest to them and potentially increase the use of these elements.


B, An archive feature where you can tag elements as reserve and they do not appear on your list unless you filter them in. Again this would allow people to curate a list of elements that are actually of interest to them.


3. CWs camo

Finally - and I've bought this up before - but CWs camo being tied to a tank once applied is a 2013 world of tanks idea.


My BatChat has 2 x 3D styles but my version 1 Clan Wars camo is still tied to it rather than being available for use elsewhere. It seems an anachronism that a Korean flag camo element like Taegugki or the SEA Variety camos (even potato camo) has more use and flexibility than a camo that people spent weeks and weeks earning.


Can we just make these elements available anywhere? It used to be a badge of honor, but now it's just an irritation.


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FramFramson #2 Posted 11 October 2021 - 04:37 AM


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At an absolute minimum, please let us apply non-progressive decals to 2D and 3D styles. The two systems are in direct opposition to each other now and all 2D and 3D styles have already been modified to allow decals to be applied (so that they can use the progressive decals), so this is only a matter of permissions, not actual mechanical changes.

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