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T57 Heavy vs Vz. 55

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RoachMartel #1 Posted 22 January 2023 - 12:29 PM


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Hey Tankers!


Looking for a line to grind... is the T57 irrelevant? I don't see it in game that much. Vz. 55 seems to get a lot of press, is it that much better than the T57? 


The Vz model Looks so good though but i don't want to grind a line based just on looks... 


Thanks in Advance. 



P.S. Returning after a few years so still racing to catch up. 


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AlexTheKid72 #2 Posted 22 January 2023 - 05:48 PM

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Vz line is 100% worth the grind.
T57 will be more relevant again with experimental equipment.

mttspiii #3 Posted 23 January 2023 - 03:14 AM


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T57 is still strong and has potential to be OP, just dial back on the nerfs WG gave it to gun handling and reverse speed. Its gameplay role (high-DPM large-clip autoloader) always had potential to greatly influence battles beyond the tank's raw stats and thus the tank had to be hobbled by the nerfbat to keep it in line. 


Good gameplay or new equipment (as Alex alluded to) can undo those nerfs. The new Mobility Improvement equipment buffs both gun handling and reverse speed, kinda like Turbo+IRM, and can stack with VStabs. Then go for Vents+BiA+Cola now, and wait for Crew 2.0 this year for even more gun handling buffs.


So it depends on how fast you grind. You grind fast, you can follow the meta and get the Vz55 and enjoy its current position in the meta.

Otherwise, if you grind tanks slow, by the time you get the T57 the meta may have shifted back in its favor.

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Napalmer #4 Posted 23 January 2023 - 03:19 PM

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Both are incredibly good tanks.

The T57 is squishy with a derpy gun, but the DPM for an autoloader is mind-boggling if you can keep pumping out the shots.

Meanwhile the VZ has a punishing two-shot autoloader a reliable turret, provided you hide the weakspots.


The grind for both are a bit painful though, so good luck. VZ grind probably a little easier.

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RoachMartel #5 Posted 25 January 2023 - 12:11 AM


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Thanks guys! I'll start with the T57.... As i already am half-way up that line thanks to the M48. 


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