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Here is the feedback about the nerfs balanced tanks in 1.20


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c0ldzera #1 Posted 25 February 2023 - 02:57 PM


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To begin with, how are the Italian medium tanks overperforming? Those tanks have average guns and horrible reloads. Are these tanks really overperforming?Nerfs AMX 65T (avg winrate 46.8%), Progetto 65(avg winrate 49.5%) and Standard B(avg winrate 49%). "Overperforming slightly", seriously? WG was like"We wish to improve the game based on community feedback", but he also nerfs balanced tanks and ignores op tanks(T95/FV4201) despite the community feedback unanimously

As for AMX 1954, it was enhanced but also was nerfed soon(hp:2400-2200,speed40->35, 2022.10.15approximately) and now it will be nerfed again, so I really regret spending my time on this tech tree and this game. In conclusion, I don't believe the tier X tank from tech tree anymore, because I waste too much time and resources on grinding tech tree tanks. As the result, it was just enhanced for a while and was nerfed again and again in just a few months. WG forces me to use the money to buy premium tanks- -that is the way.


I believe there are many players who have the same thought.



TrinityShock #2 Posted 28 February 2023 - 08:47 AM

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I don't play tech tree tanks anymore because everytime I get the tank I was grinding for they nerf it so I gave up grinding.

I have enough premium tanks that I can play them all day long and not run out of tanks to play.

Only problem is power creep but I just have to work harder to keep my tanks viable.


Eventually it will just get to the stage where it is not worth playing but I'm not there yet.


P.S. They also nerfed 3 maps by "rebalancing"



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We wanted better MM, they gave us Wheelies 


Caution: Game is designed to make you paranoid about MM

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