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Suggestion: Tier 8 ranked battle test changes

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Aoyama_Blue_Mountain #1 Posted 26 February 2023 - 05:27 PM

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Ya, erm, the thing that we are hating and want changed is people who play like a scumbag in order to get top XP when losing.



As can be seen above, a scumbag who aims to get top XP every loss will end up way, way ahead than typical players who play normally, or if you just group the rest of normal players into an average. Even if he gets a 35% winrate, heck, even a 20% winrate, he will still end up way ahead of people who play properly. This will seriously encourage people to play to lose since this is by far the more efficient method of progressing. Previously there were double chevrons to reward high XP winners which can daily-double to 4 chevrons which mitigates scumbag plays, but now WG wants to remove that.


I understand the net chevron needs to be more than 1, otherwise players cannot advance. But if you want to do that I suggest putting the extra chevron onto the top-XP of the winning team instead of the losing team. Because a person who gets top XP on a win... probably deserves it, while the top XP on a loss often doesn't deserve it. Plus, if we are talking about a good player who gets top XP all the time regardless of win/lose, then the number of chevs he gets is unaffected; heck, a good player who wins more will prefer more double-chevs on the more-often victories instead of losing no chev on a less-often defeat. Conversely putting the bonus on a loss will reward uniscums more.

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