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SUGGESTION: New forum filter feature

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NameWasStolenStresslevel #1 Posted 15 March 2023 - 11:02 AM


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Please WG if possible, can you add a forum filter that allow forum users to navigate easier in the forums by having "FILTERED" or REMOVED FROM VIEW/NOT DISPLAYED (when navigating through the forum threads) any thread that its not of one's interest to read/see in the forums??? Because it would make it easier to navigate to have only displayed threads you want to participate at.


OR please, allow to remove/make invisible threads from people you have blocked. Just being able to remove (or turn invisible/hidden) threads by adding specific words of "desinterest" to your blocklist/filter list, would be great and make forum navigation easier and less "polluted".


DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to attack anyones opinion here, i know some people will want to block arty threads, others will block hacking/rigging threads, other will block threads about game balance given that the ones who reply to it are usually the self entitled balance experts that no one cares about, but its not about what contents will be blocked, its about making forum navigation easier and allow people to come to the forum and not having to see the same thread top of discussion again because only 3 people keep replying to it and they are not even discussing about the thread itself but instead trying to start a personal discussion about someone instead of going on with the purpose of the thread. 


Please add a forum filter that "blocks" remove or turns invisible WHOLE threads if you put a specific player or specific key word on your "thread filter" block list. Please and thank you for making the forums better and easier to navigate. And also for allowing players to avoid threads that usually get derailed fast with controversial topics or heavily frequented by players of questinable forum contribution.


And please if this thread hurts you some how, dont need to reply to it, only reply to it if its within the topic. 


This thread topic is: suggestion to add forum filter to remove/filter/hide from view any thread that you are not interested to see. Thanks for keeping on topic.

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